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SADF Conscription: 1853 Apartheid Troopies KIA

1853 SADF apartheid troopies Killed in Action (1966-1989).

For What?

For 12 years, I was an apartheid SADF conscript troopie, Durban North Command: from 1967 a registered 16 year old conscript at Northlands Boys High, Durban North, doing cadets (warrant officer cadet band); then a part-time, holiday-camp, Commando troopie till 1979, (Rfn no: 672050548) when I got my SADF clearing out papers from Durban North Command.

By that time I'd been a school boy cadet (4 years); been a cadet-master (1 year), at Northlands BH; and had done SADF conscript commando basic (1969) and an NCO course at Danie Theron Combat School, Kimberley, Cape (1975).

During the 1960s and 1970s, I did several "holiday" cadet & commando camps in KwaZulu-Natal: Pietermaritzburg; Shongweni; Fynnlands, Bluff, Jacobs; AWOLLed Durban North Command "compulsory" NCO course; Eston; Umzinto; Jozini.

I skipped several annual commando camps by writing letters, or persuading others to write letters to Durban North Command saying I was going overseas for "study purposes." No escape, I was called up for the next camp.

As an apartheid white teacher in white government high schools, after coaching cadets at Northlands Boys High School (1977) in Durban North, where I grew up, for another 11 years during apartheid I refused to coach cadets in other Natal & Cape white high schools where I taught: Hillcrest HS (1978-1980); Glenwood HS (1982-1984), Durban, and Selborne College, East London (1989-1995).

That individual strike action was resented by teacher colleagues, brainwashed, white cadet-masters, many of whom were conscripts and trained as SADF cadet-master lieutenants at Oudtshoorn, and white school managements, some of whom hadn't been conscripted.

While I worked at DeBeers Kleinzee (1984-86) and at Selborne College (1989-1995), SADF and SAP tried ascertaining military service details of all white, male employees at DeBeers and Selborne College: police state alright.

Despite completing my SADF conscription in 1979, thereafter I had to inform SADF of any address changes, (for emergency callups), which I obfuscated.

Thus SADF scarabs rolled dung at me for 30 years: from 1965 as a 13 year old school boy cadet, to 1970s SADF conscript commando and cadet-master, to refusenik cadet-master at Hillcrest HS, Glenwood HS and Selborne College, to military service checkups in apartheid work places.

After SADF conscription was extended to 1 year then 2 years' full-time service, young, trained teachers could convert their full-time, military conscription years to years of "teaching service" when they started teaching.

Thus a young, trained teacher with two years' conscripted military service started teaching on a third year teacher's salary. Unfair financially for experienced teachers like myself, who had to put up with decades of SADF harassment, & SADF brainwashed teacher harassment, without any financial perks for years of conscripted camps completed during our "holidays."

In 1995 my family and I emigrated to Christchurch NZ, where my sons didn't have to endure conscription crap in NZ schools and work places, nor government dissembling about conscription.

1853 SADF apartheid troopies KIA (1966-1989).

For What?

Considering that the Afrikaner led, apartheid Nationalist government was racist; and that SADF troopies were brainwashed that blacks, communists and terrorists were the enemy...

Considering that few SADF apartheid troopies' deaths were mentioned by apartheid politicians, nor apartheid media...

Considering that the present, failing and corrupt SA govt is black ANC misled, with a big segment of communists and communist sympathizers; apartheid Nationalist politicians JB Vorster (WW2 Koffiefontein interned, Ossewa Brandwag generaal and Nazi sympathizer) PW Botha (Nazi sympathizer) and their apartheid, Nationalist government lackeys Pik Botha, Adriaan Vlok, Baasie Smit, Magnus Malan, Jannie Geldenhuys, Constand Viljoen, FW de Klerk, et al... have much to answer for:

1853 SADF apartheid troopies KIA (1966-1989).

For What?

SADF apartheid troopies KIA (from Bruce Strachan's SA Defence Force website):

SADF Members - Roll of Honour - Deceased (KIA) 1966-1989:

1966: 12
1967: 3
1968: 16
1969: 10
1970: 17
1971: 22
1972: 12
1973: 38
1974: 14
1975: 64
1976: 89
1977: 116
1978: 110
1979: 104
1980: 196
1981: 138
1982: 206
1983: 133
1984: 107
1985: 91
1986: 74
1987: 138
1988: 110
1989: 33

1853 SADF apartheid troopies KIA (1966-1989).

For What?

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mt Oxford Tree Signs, Ryde Falls Track

NZ Forest Service aluminium signs for beech forest trees seen on Mt Oxford, Ryde Falls Track, Canterbury:

2010. DOC Sign: Coopers Creek, Ryde Falls Track

2010. Wineberry, Aristotelia serrata, Ryde Falls Track

2010. Tree Fuchsia, Fuchsia excorticata, Ryde Falls Track

2010. Pepperwood, Horopito, Pseudowintera colorata, Ryde Falls Track

2010. Lancewood, Pseudopanax crassifolium, Ryde Falls Track

2010. Kahikatea, White Pine, Podocarpus dacrydioides, Ryde Falls Track

2010. Black Beech, Nothofagus solandri var. solandri, Ryde Falls Track

2010. Pokaka, Elaeocarpus hookerianus, Ryde Falls Track

2010. Matai, Black Pine, Podocarpus spicatus, Ryde Falls Track

2010. Broadleaf, Griselinia littoralis, Ryde Falls Track

2010. Mt Oxford Sign, Ryde Falls Track

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