Monday, May 3, 2010

SA Dispatch May 2010

May 2010. Alleman's Dispatch: "Things are really not looking good. Most government services have 'gone the way of all flesh'. (My apologies to heroes in government service who are still trying to make it work).

Our borders are open to the north, and the poor, hopeful and criminals of Africa are daily streaming across our borders. Stolen cars go the other way, stocking the streets of Maputo, Gaberone, Lusaka and Harare. The chance of police solving any crime reported locally is dim.

...'s purse was stolen some time ago. The criminal was caught red-handed but according to the detective there was 'no case.' The good news is that the detective has been fired for stealing police property. Control of borders is to be given to the army, as police were unable to handle the situation. The army says they do not have the manpower.

The biggest coal-fired power station is being constructed in the Transvaal. Three sites have been identified where 3 nuclear power stations will be built in the next 10 years.

Municipalities in probably half of SA are seriously malfunctioning, sewage works not functioning properly, water not purified properly. A list of municipalities in the newspaper rated for water purification this week, and Koffiefontein rates as 0%, electrical infrastructure not being maintained.

Roads on the platteland are also not being maintained properly anymore. The whole of NW province (Mafeking, Klerksdorp) has been taken / was going to be taken over? by the central government, because of the state of chaos reigning there. The N1 (Cape Town to Johannesburg) is perfect, as is the N2 (Cape Town to Durban). The speed limit is 120 on most platteland roads, but to do more than 60-80 is extremely dangerous (potholes).

Theft has become a way of life with the example largely set by politicians / government officials. Estimated that 35% of all electricity generated is stolen (translate: the rest of us pay). Virtually every semi-state is bankrupt / financially struggling: Escom, SABC, Land Bank, SA Airways, Road Accident Fund - third party insurance.

The education system is floundering and the head of the SA Communist Party is now minister for tertiary education. Afrikaans universities are being forced to educate in English.

The government now wants to pass a law exempting all households earning less than R80 000 per annum from property tax (translate: the rest of us must make up the shortfall). Remember we now have 12 million (out of 48 million) receiving a monthly government grant / salary. The intention is to push this up to 18 million (translate: we must cough up more tax).

The old dream of Mandela of a non racial society has gone by the wayside. More and more politicians and others (Black Managers Forum) are shouting for race to be brought back (basically to strip wealth from the 'haves'). Julius Malema is the worst example of this. He panders to the worst in people, and can only hold up false hope to millions who have been unable to strip the wealth of SA, and promise them their day will come, if they only vote for him. The next general election is in 2012.

Politicians and their families (Zuma's wives and children serve on DOZENS of boards of directors of companies) are stripping SA of its wealth and calling it 'doing business.' Levels of corruption in all levels of government is just unbelievable. What SA needs is a 'Strong Man' to bring sanity to the chaos, but I do not foresee such a development. A culture of self enrichment and greed is being firmly established in SA, led by ANC politicians at all levels. Mines have largely been sold out to empowerment companies (translate: families of politicians). This week Aurora Company (Mandela's grandson and Zuma's nephew) owning a lot of Anglo mines went bankrupt. They are now looking to Communist Chinese for capital to start up the mines again.

The free press is under attack, as they are unsympathetic to corrupt politicians. Courts are now also under fire, because government has lost a lot of court cases where they ignored the constitution. ('Unfair' they cry). Judges must now be transformed (translate: no white males) to ensure government friendly verdicts. In today's paper they are calling for a change in the constitution to transfer farm land more easily into black hands. The fact (they themselves admit) that 80% of farm land transferred into black ownership does not produce anything anymore is conveniently ignored.

I can go on like this forever, but let me say a few positive things. The further south you live the better things work. Johannesburg is a hubbub of activity and development. Private medical services are excellent and many people still fly in from the rest of the world to have ops done (big business). On the surface things look 'normal.'

Business is still good in SA. Lots of rich Europeans retiring to Cape Town and environs. Richer parts of Cape Town, Clifton, Camps Bay, etc, have been bought by very rich, corrupt politicians from Africa. Unbelievable number of Nigerians in SA, and the vast majority seem to be busy with illegal activities, especially drugs and prostitution. So too lots of Chinese coming in (perlemoen and rhino horn). Cape Town developing into a nice modern city comparing with the rest of the world. Our airports have all been rebuilt and are impressive.

Afrikaans music / art / drama are blossoming as never before. The first 3D SA movie 'Jock of the Bushveld' to be released soon worldwide. Huge film studios being constructed near us. Survey results released last week showing that there is a significant move (I presume especially amongst young people) of a common SA identity and an acceptance of other races. That said, we are getting a huge xenophobia problem in SA. The ordinary black person has an intense hatred of black people from Africa (especially Zimbabwians, Nigerians, Somalis - every area now has a Somali shop). With 25% unemployment rate they cannot be expected to welcome these people.

Damn! Going negative again.

I should finish with this thought: The world is becoming smaller and smaller, and as time goes on the ability / power of governments / crackpots will become less and less to cause chaos. So time is against chaos developing in SA, and hopefully in time some law and order will be established and modern values and norms can establish properly. In the meantime there is little I can do, but do my best every day to make the world around me a more pleasant and civilized place."

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