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Shanty Shops, Post Apocalypse Christchurch

Tue 06.09.11. A year post Sept 4 quake & more than 6 months post deadly Feb 22 quake, I snapped post apocalypse, shanty shops, which evolved on Christchurch demolition sites.

Some quake damaged businesses relocated to mobile vans, shipping containers, trailers, caravans & porta-cabins. I snapped several shanty shops which I passed on my daily drives to Sullivan Ave tech. Business relocation signs were on cordon fences & trees for months. Often a shanty shop was slap-bang against, or opp a quake trashed bldg.

Cnr Rossall St / Holmwood Rd: Maudes on holmwood, porta-cabin cafe, quake demolition site. Leah had tea with a friend there. "Very nice," she said. By 2012 end a permanent bldg was rebuilt.

11 images, Rossall St, Papanui Rd:

06.09.11. Cnr Rossall St / Holmwood Rd: Maudes on holmwood, porta-cabin cafe, quake demolition site. By 2012 end a permanent bldg was rebuilt

Papanui Rd, Merivale: Quinns, two shipping container with Quinns clothing display windows, Merivale quake demolition site.

Quinns relocated to Aikmans Rd cnr, usurping House of Travel, after House of Travel was quake damaged & repaired, then travelled across the road. A new, copper clad bldg was rebuilt on the cnr.

06.09.11. Quinns, shipping container, clothing shop window, quake demolition site, Merivale, Papanui Rd

06.09.11. Quake damaged, boarded, Urban Bliss, cnr Papanui Rd / St Albans St

Cnr Papanui Rd / Rugby St: Serial quake trashed Chinese Methodist Church decayed. The church spire was crane-removed & stood next to the church. The hall was soon demolished. The church stayed fence cordoned, abandoned till July 2013 when it was demolished. Church rebuild began in 2014.

06.09.11. Quake trashed, Chinese Methodist Church site, cnr Papanui Rd / Rugby St. The church was demolished July 2013. Church rebuild began in 2014

06.09.11. Church hall demolition site, quake trashed, Chinese Methodist Church, cnr Rugby St / Papanui Rd. The church was demolished July 2013. Church rebuild began in 2014

Cnr Papanui Rd / Derby St: Portabuild porta-cabins for hire. A man glared at me from a porta-cabin door when I snapped a pic. I thought he wouldn't get much trade with his surly sales manner. Never mind my free advertising.

06.09.11. Post quake, Portabuild porta-cabins, car park, cnr Papanui Rd / Derby St

TV One had occupied the car park & porta-cabins for several weeks during the Feb-Mar 2011 national state of emergency, as the site was across Bealey Ave from the fence cordoned, red zoned CBD.

Cnr Papanui Rd / Derby St: Mobile Osaka-ya, trailer shop, in a car park.

06.09.11. Osaka-ya trailer shop, post quake car park, cnr Papanui Rd / Derby St

Cnr Papanui Rd / Bealey Ave, Carlton Hotel quake demolition site: Carlton Country Club, trailer mobile pub, with attached tents & rooftop booze zones. The mobile pub departed mid 2012, to make way for a Burger King / offices rebuild which opened in Sept 2013.

06.09.11. Carlton Country Club, trailer pub, Carlton Hotel demolition site, cnr Papanui Rd / Bealey Ave. The mobile pub stayed till mid 2012. A new Burger King / offices opened on site in Sept 2013

Grand views across Bealey Ave of quake trashed Knox Presbyterian Church & a tilt slab bldg rising on Saggio di vino demolition site, Victoria St cnrs. Knox Church restoration began in mid 2013. In 2014 a rebuilt Knox Church had copper clad walls.

4 images, Bealey Ave, Stanmore Rd:

Bealey Ave: Espresso, black trailer, quake demolition site.

06.09.11. Espresso, trailer shop, quake demolition site, Bealey Ave

Cnr Bealey Ave / Caledonian Rd: Thai Food, caravan with table & chairs by a fence cordon. Large, green, plastic, sewage tank behind. Later on a lime green, shipping container joined the caravan shop. In 2016 the Thai Food container still traded on site.

06.09.11. Thai Food, caravan take-away, quake demolition site, cnr Bealey Ave / Caledonian Rd. Thai Food traded on site for years

Stanmore Rd: Red Espresso van in car park. Earliest shanty shop I saw, came mornings post 22.02.11 quake.

06.09.11. Red Espresso van, Stanmore Rd. Sold coffee to quake survivors for many months. Earliest post quake shanty shop I saw

Ferrry Rd, near Ensors Rd cnr: Hi Viz Tattooing cabin, on pavement, by a burnt out shop, demolition site.

9 images, Ferry Rd, Colombo St:

06.09.11. Hi Viz Tattooing, pavement cabin shop, nr quake burnt out shop, Ferry Rd, nr Ensors Rd cnr

Colombo St, Sydenham: Indian dairy, white shipping container, quake demolition wasteland, opp quake damaged, closed Sydenham WINZ bldg. The shipping container dairy traded on site for years.

06.09.11. Indian dairy, shipping container, quake demolition site, opp WINZ bldg, Colombo St, Sydenham. The shipping container dairy traded on site for years

Cnr concrete, exterior wall slabs of Sydenham WINZ bldg were quake damaged several floors up, all 4 cnrs. Concrete spalling & bent reinforcement steel seen. Typical of quake damage to concrete bldgs - damage to joins where concrete beams, columns & slabs knocked while shaking. Never mind diagonal cracks across concrete slabs.

In Feb 2015 I drove past Sydenham WINZ. The bldg was part demolished - all concrete, exterior wall slabs gone, bldg gutted, just a concrete skeleton remained.

13.03.12. Coffee Zone, shipping container shop, demolition site, Colombo St, Sydenham. Coffee Zone shipping container traded on site for years

Months later a Coffee Zone, shipping container shop joined the shipping container dairy, on Colombo St, Sydenham. Next to Coffee Zone a Gap Filler temporary office stood amongst demolition site weeds, enabling people to see what Gap Filler was all about. Coffee Zone shipping container traded on site for years. Late 2012, the Gap Filler office moved to the Crowne Plaza Hotel demolition site, cnr Kilmore St / Durham St Nth.

13.03.12. Gap Filler hut, quake demolition site, Colombo St, Sydenham. Quake closed, WINZ bldg right. Gap Filler office soon moved to Crowne Plaza Hotel demolition site, cnr Kilmore St / Durham St Nth

5 images, Shirley Rd, Ferry Rd:

05.10.11. BNZ Bank in porta-cabin, KFC car park, nr The Palms, Shirley Rd

Shirley Rd: BNZ Bank in porta-cabin, KFC car park, near The Palms.

20.10.11. ASB Bank in porta-cabin, nr Ferrymead countdown, Ferry Rd

Ferry Rd: ASB Bank in porta-cabin near quake trashed, Ferrymead countdown. ASB Bank porta-cabin traded on site for years. A Ferrymead countdown sign read:

The Countdown premises are temporarily closed whilst the building
is being assessed. Countdown will be re-opening in this shopping centre
and we will keep the community informed of the progress.

Thank you for your patience.

Management & staff of Countdown & Building Owner R.D. Sloan.

Ferrymead countdown was demolished & rebuilt.

20.10.11. Serial quake trashed Ferrymead countdown, awaiting demolition, Ferry Rd

Ferry Rd: Quake Cafe in porta-cabin by quake closed shops, near Ferrymead countdown. Quake Cafe sign: BUSINESS NOT QUITE AS USUAL.

20.10.11. Quake Cafe in porta-cabin near Ferrymead countdown, Ferry Rd

Barrington St: ASB Bank in porta-cabin by quake damaged Barrington Mall.

Cnr Merivale Ln / Papanui Rd: Shipping container shops on house demolition site.

2 images, Papanui Rd, Tuam St:

20.10.11. Beginnings of shipping container shops, on a house demolition site, cnr Merivale Ln / Papanui Rd. The shipping container shops traded on site for years.

EQC set up porta-cabin offices by QE11 Park, Bower Ave. Later on EQC staff felt so threatened by irate claimants that EQC capped its border fence with razor wire. Months later EQC had second thoughts & removed the razor wire. Waste of money! If EQC was efficient & fast, it would've had happy claimants.

By South Library, Waimea Tce, Fletcher builders set up porta-cabin offices.

26.10.11. The Tuck Shop Express, porta-cabin shop, by a Council bldg, near the new, temp, Bus Exchange, between Tuam St / Lichfield St. The Council bldg became Tuam Library mid 2012

Between Tuam St / Lichfield St, by the new, temp, Bus Exchange: The Tuck Shop Express, porta-cabin shop for the express use of Council office workers, No Public Access. Tuck Shop Express left by the time the Council bldg became Tuam Library mid 2012. Then the penny dropped & Council set up a porta-cabin shop for bus passengers.

Oxford Tce near Cashel Mall: pure pulp, fruit juice, trailer shop.

16 images, Cashel Mall, St Asaph St:

29.10.11. Trailer shop, pure pulp, fruit juice, Oxford Tce, nr reopened Cashel Mall. Clarendon Tower left, due for demolition

05.10.11. Thirteen months post Sept 4 quake, I did a short walk along St Asaph St by Manchester St crossing & saw the following:

05.10.11. St Asaph St view of Feb 22 quake trashed Odeon Theatre, Manchester St. Odeon Theatre was part demolished in Sept 2012, flies gone, auditorium exposed to weathering for years, Tuam St facade kept

22.02.11. Cnr Manchester St / Tuam St: Quake trashed, old, brick, Odeon Theatre, part demolished in Sept 2012, flies gone, auditorium exposed to weathering for years, Tuam St facade kept. Odeon Theatre roof lay by Manchester St pavement for 2 years.

Cnr St Asaph St / Manchester St: Caravan coffee shop on Theme Basics demolition site. Theme Basics brick bldg had stood part demolished & fence cordoned post 04.09.10, 26.12.10 & 22.02.11 quakes. The caravan stared at demolition sites on 2 other cnrs. On the 4th cnr stood serial quake survivor, the drawing room, still doing business. The caravan later traded on Cambridge Tce, opp Our City, by Avon River.

05.10.11. Caravan coffee shop northern view of serial quake trashed Manchester St, cnr Manchster St / St Asaph St. The caravan shop was on serial quake trashed Theme Basics demolition site. The Caravan later traded on Cambridge Tce, opp Our City, by Avon River

05.10.11. Caravan coffee shop view of quake survivor, the drawing room, only bldg to survive serial quakes on Manchester St / St Asaph St cnrs

05.10.11. Cnr Manchester St / St Asaph St, caravan coffee shop view down serial quake trashed Manchester St. Quake damaged Holiday Inn & Hotel Grand Chancellor behind, were later demolished

The caravan had an apocalypse view down Manchester St, past the drawing room; past the red zone cordon fence & NZDF soldier checkpoint; past the old, brick Odeon Theatre; past several old, brick bldgs down Manchester St, serial quake damaged, brick walls peeled off, exposing weathering rooms.

The NZDF checkpoint had 3 signs on Manchester St cordon fence, which read:

                     ACCESS POINT
                6 AM TO 7 PM DAILY
                     ACCESS POINT



05.10.11. St Asaph St view of crane box, hoisting men up to quake damaged Holiday Inn roof. Quake trashed Hotel Grand Chancellor Hotel behind. Both high rises were demolished

05.10.11. St Asaph St crossing view of Manchester St red zone, NZDF cordon checkpoint & northern view down serial quake trashed Manchester St. Beyond manna shop, most bldgs in the pic were demolished

05.10.11. Cnr St Asaph St / Manchester St red zone, NZDF cordon checkpoint & northern view down serial quake trashed Manchester St. Most bldgs in the pic were demolished

Beyond I saw a crane lifting a box full of Hi Vis vested workmen high above Holiday Inn. Behind stood Feb 22 quake tilted Hotel Grand Chancellor, gutted from the inside. Nearby was abandoned Westpac. The 3 high rises were demolished.

05.10.11. Yellow digger. Serial quake trashed, McKenzie Willis, demolition site, St Asaph St. Post Feb 22 quake, the red zone site was part demolished, sanitized, fence cordoned & stood idle for months before resumption of demolitions

During the 2010-2011 quakes, Christchurch CBD had 5 major infarcts, but was still on the quadruple bypass waiting list for occupying CERA surgery. Snag with NZ welfare state: patients were shunted around, or deleted off waiting lists, some never receiving attention they deserved.

05.10.11. Demolition site, serial quake trashed bldgs, St Asaph St, nr Manchester St. Post Feb 22 quake, this red zone site was part demolished, sanitized, fence cordoned & stood idle for months before resumption of demolitions

Westwards along St Asaph St, McKenzie Willis bldgs were being demolished & beyond more old, brick bldgs were being demolished, a couple of cordoned diggers destroyed bldgs, while cars rattled along St Asaph St obstacle course.

For months post Feb 22 quake the fence cordoned site was demolition sanitized for rubberneckers to gawk. CERA pulled finger & demolished rubbish bldgs along St Asaph St, 7 months post Feb 22 quake & nearly 4 months post June 13 quake.

29.10.11. Restart Cashel Mall: Shipping container, shanty shops opened on quake demolition sites at Cashel Mall, when CERA opened CBD, red zone, Cashel Mall to the public.

4 images, Cashel Mall:

29.10.11. Shipping container shops, Restart Cashel Mall, south precinct, opening afternoon

06.11.11. North Hagley Park, post RWC Fan Zone / Music in the park zone: The Caffeine Laboratory, shipping container coffee shop. In mid 2013 the Fan Zone tent was closed & struck as it was no longer used for hire.

7 images, Hagley Park, Worcester Blvd:

06.11.11. Coffee shop in a shipping container, North Hagley Park

Rolleston Ave: Tourist Information cabin, Botanic Gdns gate, by Canterbury Museum, after quake closure of Tourist Information office, Cathedral Sq.

06.11.11. Post quakes tourist information cabin, Botanic Gdns, next to Canterbury Museum, Rolleston Ave

Worcester Blvd: Ice cream hut by a coffee shop, opp serial quake trashed, fence cordoned Arts Centre.

06.11.11. Ice cream hut & coffee shop, only post quake shop open on Worcester Blvd, opp Arts Centre

06.11.11. Serial quake trashed, fence cordoned Arts Centre, Worcester Blvd

Worcester Blvd: Container shops, opp serial quake trashed, fence cordoned Arts Centre

19.11.11. Trinket sellers & beginnings of container shops, opp serial quake trashed, fence cordoned Arts Centre, Worcester Blvd

Cnr Worcester Blvd / Montreal St: NZDF checkpoint huts by closed Christchurch Art Gallery. The Art Gallery was damaged in the 22.02.11 quake, closed for repairs & reopened in Dec 2015.

06.11.11. Quake obsolete sign & closed NZDF checkpoint huts, cnr Worcester Blvd / Montreal St. Art Gallery bldg behind was Civil Defence HQ during Sept 4 & Feb 22 quakes, was closed for repairs & reopened in Dec 2015

06.11.11. Worcester Blvd, fence cordon view of CBD red zone, dead zone. Recently reopened, quake damaged, new Council bldg right. Quake trashed Clarendon Tower beyond, awaiting demolition. Serial quake trashed, Christ Church Cathedral rose window, western facade, at end of street. Cathedral tower gone behind crane. Abandoned Rydges Hotel & Grant Thornton left. Grant Thornton was demolished

Between Victoria St & Montreal St: Revival container bar & Lebanese food trailer, bordered by 4 blue portaloos.

5 images, Victoria St:

16.11.11. Montreal St view of Revival container bar & 4 blue portaloos

16.11.11. Victoria St view of Revival container bar & Lebanese food trailer

16.11.11. USAR / TF graffiti on pavement & Feb 22 quake closed shops, Victoria St, 9 months post Feb 22 quake

*Wandered Rossall St, Papanui Rd, Bealey Ave, Stanmore Rd, Ferry Rd, Colombo St, Shirley Rd, Tuam St, Cashell Mall, St Asaph St, Hagley Park, Worcester Blvd, Victoria St.

Given insurers' reluctance to insure rebuilds, with excuses about risk & more aftershocks, shanty shops would blot post quake Christchurch for years.

Mind the Gap: The Press, Wed 21.09.11 & GeoNet kept up the aftershocks commentary. We'd had several small aftershocks on Monday & Tuesday & 4 magnitude 4s which jolted, rolled & grumbled, mostly Prebbleton region. The Press opined via a resident seismologist that there were lots of aftershocks around Prebbleton in the gap between the Greendale Fault & Port Hills Fault.

Seismologists were mystified why there was no fault connection in the Prebbleton gap between the western Greendale Fault & eastern Port Hills Fault. Seismographs did prove faint connections, but rock structures in the gap stopped a continuous fault along Greendale Fault to Port Hills Fault.

Mon 19.09.11: 1.51 pm; 4.0 magnitude; 12 km depth; 10 km E of Lyttelton.
5.41 pm; 4.3 magnitude, 12 km depth; 10 km SW of Christchurch (GeoNet).

Tues 20.09.11: 4.30 pm; 4.2 magnitude; 7 km depth; 10 km SW of Christchurch.
5.41 pm; 4.1 magnitude; 5 km depth; 10 km W of Christchurch (GeoNet).

The last 3 mag 4s from Prebbleton shook our indoor pot plants, a sure sign of mag 4 & above. Our indoor warning.

CERA was a Council carbuncle, ratepayers bled for both. The Press, Wed 21.09.11 reported CERA's CBD bus tour plan. Citizens having endured 4 major quakes & 8 500+ aftershocks over the last quake year, CERA wanted citizens applauding & grateful for its demolitions. Why didn't demolition boss Isaacs roster overnight demolitions & demolitions during weekends?

CERA, miffed about complaints about foreigners & celebrities getting guided tours in the forbidden CBD, belatedly thought citizens deserved the same.

Fri 14.10.11. CERA boss Sutton stated on TV that CBD bus tours would be during weekends in November & stop in mid December. A few days before Restart Cashel Mall opened, CERA would open the new, temp, Bus Exchange between Lichfield St & Tuam St. That was after the 2 temp, bus exchanges on Bealey Ave & Hagley Ave had exasperated bus commuters for 8 months post Feb 22 quake.

Citizens could phone-book their tour bus places, tours starting at Cranmer Sq, 6 buses / hour, 4 hours, Sat & Sun. Citizens were told what shoes to wear & were told about demolition & quake hazards once the bus tour was in the banned, red zone CBD. A gold coin donation from grateful sheep would cover CERA bus tour costs. Twilight bus tours were planned for vampires. (The Press 04.11.11).

There was little to see, just quaked bldgs & boring demolition sites, growing weeds, without any rebuild.

The Star 20.09.11, mayor Parker reported Council's post quake efforts:

"Of our 2 400 km of roading, 54 km suffered severe damage and 980 km required repairs. Six hundred retaining walls required repair or replacement and 30 bridges needed repairs at a cost of $60 million. Our staff have collected 500 000 tonnes of silt and of our 900 parks, 300 suffered damage. Our staff have faced huge challenges, such as drains that used to flow downhill, now flow uphill...

Next month there are hearings on the Central City Plan and tomorrow we are signing the Alliance agreement for the $2 billion rebuild of the city's underground infrastructure, including water supplies, waste water disposal and roads and at the same time launching the Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team." (SCIRT).


Mayor Parker's statistics proved to be fluid, as a SCIRT 2013, BRIDGES pamphlet stated:

There are approximately 225 bridge structures (including road and foot bridges and larger culverts) in the city. 140 require some level of repair from minor works, such as repairing cracks, through to major work. 

SCIRT 2013, RETAINING WALLS pamphlet confirmed:

SCIRT is rebuilding publicly owned retaining walls. 

There are hundreds of retaining walls in the Port Hills. The damage ranges from minor repair to major rebuild. 

Mayor Parker's optimistic Central City Plan was soon gobbled by CERA's CBD Blueprint, which languished for years, without much rebuild in CERA occupied CBD.

Content & pics Copyright Mark JS Esslemont.

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