Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Post Quake Christchurch, Red Zone Mosquitoes

Thurs 12.04.12. Late January, one morning I woke up with a nasty bite. I though a white tail spider had bitten my left ear, giving me a thick ear, red, swollen & itchy. The bite took weeks to heal. It also caused the left side of my face to redden & swell, with red, blotchy, lumpy skin, left side of my face & neck. I had a stiff neck & shoulder for a couple of a weeks. Also had a sore throat, hard to swallow, for about a week.

I'd wandered Christchurch E suburbs, snapping quake pics. Lots of stagnant water in the red zone I'd wandered. Had foul water I'd passed anything to do with the bite?

I went to my GP, who prescribed an antibiotic for the bite.

04.04.12. The Press  published an article on the striped mosquito, Aedes notoscriptus. That's what bit me!

Since the quakes there was lots more stagnant water around Christchurch, due to broken, leaky sewage, water & storm water pipes & drains. Waterlogged, quake stricken, red zone, eastern suburbs, by rivers, wetlands & estuary & liquefactioned, red zone CBD were ideal places for mosquitoes to breed.

Thurs 12.04.12. Luke woke up with a mosquito bite on his right hand, which swelled up, red, blotchy, lumpy & itchy. He could hardly breath, his throat swollen & windpipe constricted. Leah drove to a pharmacy for antihistamines, which sorted out that problem. Luke took a day off work.

Having lived in Christchurch since 1995, it was the first time mosquitoes affected us. It was caused by all the stagnant water lying around post quake Christchurch. There was lots of new ponding, like on Travis Rd, by Travis Wetland, where land had sunk during quakes.

12.04.12. While writing this post, midday, 4.6 mag quake, 10 km depth, 10 km NE of Christchurch. (GeoNet). Rumbled by & shook our house.

Content Copyright Mark JS Esslemont.

See Pesky mosquito invasion creates bad buzz (The Press / Stuff Co).

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