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CERA's Blueprint S Frame, School Mergers

At the end of July, after CERA's Isaacs & minions were in conclave for 100 secret days, they'd formed the CCDU & Christchurch Central Development Unit Blueprint to shrink Christchurch red zone CBD & form an L shaped Green Frame, filled with trees, grass, flowers for Christchurch peasants to live happily ever after in Christchurch's National utopia. A Brighter Future.

All that CCDU did was steal Council's "Share an Idea" rebuild plan, where 1 000s of citizens had given green ideas for Christchurch rebuild & twist Share an Idea to destroy perfectly good quake survivor bldgs in CCDU's Frame.

51 images, St Asaph St:

12.09.12. S Frame & E Frame nexus: St Asaph St, High St, Madras St

The snag with shrinking the CBD was that there were many working businesses outside the proposed shrunken CBD. All that the L shaped Green Frame did was Frame some of the old CBD with planned vegetation on demolition sites, sprinkled with old CBD bldgs.

* Asterisk shows CCDU's Blueprint Frame land:

*12.09.12. Red zone, cordoned, quake damaged bldgs, St Asaph St, S Frame

*12.09.12. Red zone, demolition sites, St Asaph St, S Frame

*12.09.12. McKenzie Willis demolition site, red zone, St Asaph St, S Frame

The N border of the shrunken CBD was meandering Avon River, which caused all the liquefaction damage during the 2010-2011 quakes. CCDU wanted to rebuild Christchurch CBD on old swampland & on top of the CBD Fault which damaged the CBD in the 2010 Boxing Day quake.

All that CCDU did with its green Frame was encourage taggers & graffiti on quake-sound, CCDU condemned bldgs. Never mind tagging in quake damaged E suburbs. Despite CERA occupying its red zone CBD, taggers already scribbled on walls & windows in the S Frame near the temporary bus exchange.

*12.09.12. Quake survivor, Buddle Findlay lawyers office, St Asaph St, S Frame

12.09.12. Post quakes, EPIC Innovation Precinct, cnr St Asaph St / Manchester St, S Frame

The E Frame was between Madras St & Manchester St, bordered by Avon River in the N & St Asaph St in the S. As CERA had opened bits of red zone Tuam St last week, I wanted to see the S Frame between St Asaph St & Tuam St, from St Asaph / High St / Madras St cnr, westbound towards Antigua St near Hagley Park.

*12.09.12. Quake survivor, the drawing room, cnr St Asaph St / Manchester St, S Frame

*12.09.12. St Asaph St view of roofless Odeon Theatre, part demolished, S Frame

*28.01.13. Part demolished, Odeon Theatre auditorium, S Frame, St Asaph St. Odeon Theatre stood part demolished since Sept 2012. So much for CERA's asbestos hazard prevention.

12.09.12. St Asaph view across S Frame to Tuam St, old Council bldg, awaiting demolition for the permanent bus exchange

*12.09.12. Quake survivor, Team Hutchison Ford, St Asaph St, S Frame

*12.09.12. Quake survivor, Tradestaff, cnr St Asaph St / Colombo St, S Frame

Wed 12.09.12. A cold, wet morning with snow sprinkling the Port Hills & Mt Herbert. 18 months post 22.02.11 quake, it was impossible to scrutinize the E Frame, as Manchester St was still within CERA's banned CBD red zone, so I started my S Frame walk at Madras St / High St / St Asaph St nexus.

*12.09.12. Cnr St Asaph St / Colombo St view of S Frame demolition sites to Tuam St, the area where 16 people died in the 22.02.11 quake

*12.09.12. S Frame, quake survivor businesses, St Asaph St

I took pics mostly of perfectly good, quake survivor, commercial bldgs within the S Frame. There were many good, quake survivor bldgs, viable businesses, S of the S Frame too, extending to Moorhouse Ave & beyond.

*12.09.12. S Frame, quake survivor businesses, St Asaph St

12.09.12. S Frame, quake survivor, Hospital Precinct, cnr St Asaph St / Antigua St

*12.09.12, E view of St Asaph St, S Frame left

12.09.12. Post quake, Central Police, temp site, cnr St Asaph St / Antigua St, as quake damaged, Hereford St, Central Police bldg awaited implosion 31.05.15

12.09.12. Canterbury Brewery, awaiting demolition, cnr St Asaph St / Antigua St. The area would become CCDU's Blueprint Metro Sports Facility

There were many viable businesses in the S Frame between N-S Tuam St to St Asaph St & E-W Madras St to Antigua St. After all the quake destruction & CERA demolitions, CCDU buying viable businesses in the Frame, at so-called market value, then demolishing those sites for replacement with trees, grass & flowers was mad.

Where did CERA's Isaacs & minions think those viable businesses would go?

4 images, Antigua St:

*12.09.12. S Frame, quake survivor, hospital car park, cnr Antigua St / St Asaph St

*12.09.12. S Frame, quake survivor Jaguar, Antigua St

Isaacs's CCDU Blueprint incl expensive white elephants like a 35 000 seater Stadium, Convention Centre, Maori Cultural Centre, Hagley Park Cricket Oval, Metro Sports Facility... The Blueprint required massive demolitions & "taking" of privately owned CBD land for NZ National govt's / CERA's disaster capitalism.

Example: NZ National govt's / CERA's Blueprint Justice & Emergency Services precinct, incl Ministry of Justice law courts, Corrections, Cops, St John ambulances, Fire Service, Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management, all in one CBD block between Lichfield St & Tuam St. Terrorists would laugh all the way to their bombs at such a juicy target. PM Key, CERA minister Brownlee & CERA minions Sutton & Isaacs, who'd never experienced terrorism, hadn't a clue.

85 images, Tuam St:

*12.09.12. S Frame, quake survivor business, Tuam St


There was enough quake demolition wasteland in the CBD & the Frame for park land, without destroying good businesses & bldgs, quake survivors, for a rigid Frame.

The Frame was CERA's way to inflate core CBD land prices within the Frame, with Frame land later resold when CERA's core CBD boomed. So much for market regulation of land prices. 

*12.09.12. S Frame, quake survivor business, Tuam St

Flower power could extend all along the Avon River from the CBD to Avon River mouth in riverside suburbs destroyed by quakes & CERA's residential red zoning. Avon River Park was already mooted by an 18 500 signature petition sent to parliament. So far NZ National govt was mum about what to do with all the residential red zone land it had land-grabbed along Avon River banks.

*12.09.12. S Frame, quake survivor, Office Max, cnr Tuam St / Durham St South

*12.09.12. S Frame, quake survivor business, Tuam St

12.09.12. Post quake, temp, Central Library Tuam, next to post quake, temp, bus exchange, Tuam St. It & other bldgs were demolished to make way for NZ National govt's / CERA's Blueprint Justice & Emergency Services precinct

*12.09.12. S Frame, quake survivor business, Tuam St

12.09.12. Tuam St, temp, bus exchange, car park NE view, red zone high rise demolitions: Hotel Grand Chancellor left, Westpac middle, Holiday Inn right

*12.09.12. S Frame, quake survivor businesses, Tuam St SE view across Colombo St to St Asaph St

*12.09.12. Tuam St view of S Frame, demolition site car park, S to St Asaph St 

12.09.12. Colombo St, E view of red zone bldgs awaiting demolition: Holiday Inn left, Tuam St, old, Council bldg right

12.09.12. Post quake, CBD direction sign, cnr Colombo St / Tuam St

*12.09.12. Tuam St / Colombo St crossing, view of S Frame, left & right of Colombo St. Port Hills backdrop

*12.09.12. S Frame, demolition site car park, cnr Tuam St / Colombo St

*12.09.12. S Frame, quake survivor businesses, Tuam St

Post 22.02.11 quake, for many nights, like Albert Speer's fascist Cathedral of Light, we'd endured a blue searchlight over the CBD red zone, a local propagandist's idea of hope.

12.09.12. Quake damaged, old, Council bldg, Tuam St, awaiting demolition for the permanent bus exchange

12.09.12. Red zone bldg backing Sol Sq, Tuam St

*12.09.12. S Frame, quake survivor Ford, Tuam St

*12.09.12. S Frame, quake survivor business, Tuam St

*12.09.12. S Frame, quake survivor, old Council bldg, Tuam St. Shipping containers prop Odeon Theatre facade next door

There was much quake & demolition carnage in the E part of the S Frame, but less quake damage & demolitions in the W part of the S Frame, W of Colombo St, where 16 people died in the 22.02.11 quake, due to old, unreinforced, brick bldgs collapsing on Colombo St.

*12.09.12. S Frame, Real Groovy & Odeon Theatre, propped by shipping containers, cnr Tuam St / Manchester St. Real Groovy was demolished

12.09.12. Tuam St view of post quake, EPIC Innovation Precinct, Manchester St

12.09.12. Red zone, demolition site, cnr Tuam St / Manchester St

12.09.12. Tuam St view of shipping containers propping bldg facade, red zone, Manchester St

12.09.12. Cnr Tuam St / Manchester St, N view of red zone, demolition sites & ghost bldgs. Majestic Theatre right was demolished

*12.09.12. S Frame, Real Groovy & Odeon Theatre, propped by shipping containers, cnr Tuam St / Manchester St. Real Groovy was demolished

*12.09.12. Tuam St / Manchester St crossing, W view of S Frame left, red zone right

12.09.12. Welcome to Christchurch sign, red zone cordon fence, Manchester St / Tuam St crossing

12.09.12. Tuam St / Manchester St crossing, NW view of red zone, ghost bldgs. Holiday Inn awaiting demolition middle

*12.09.12. Tuam St / Manchester St crossing, S view of post quake, EPIC Innovation Precinct left, Odeon Theatre salvaged roof right, in S Frame

*12.09.12. Tuam St / Manchester St crossing, E view of S Frame right

*12.09.12. Tuam St / Manchester St crossing, E view of Alice in Videoland left & part demolished, McKenzie Willis in S Frame right. McKenzie Willis was restored

*12.09.12. S Frame, part demolished, Mckenzie Willis, Tuam St. McKenzie Willis was restored

CERA wanted to jackboot car dealers & other private businesses from the S Frame, so that Christchurch Hospital precinct could later expand into the S Frame, at the expense of car dealers & other private businesses in the so-called, S Frame.

24 images, High St:

*12.09.12. High St view of part demolished McKenzie Willis, S Frame. McKenzie Willis was restored

*12.09.12. High St, NE view of red zone, E Frame, demolition sites towards Lichfield St

12.09.12. Quake survivor, CI business (old Post Office bldg) cnr High St / Tuam St

12.09.12. Tuam St / High St crossing, view down red zone High St. Holiday Inn & Majestic Theatre right awaited demolition

*12.09.12. High St view of red zone, E Frame, demolition sites & ghost bldgs, towards Lichfield St. Majestic Theatre ahead was demolished

*12.09.12. High St view across red zone, demolition sites to ghost bldgs & abandoned IR bldg in E Frame

*12.09.12. Abandoned CF Cotter & Co, red zone, High St, E Frame

*12.09.12. Abandoned CF Cotter & Co, High St, surrounded by red zone, E Frame, demolition sites & views to ghost bldgs - Lichfield St left, Poplar St right

*12.09.12. Abandoned, CF Cotter & Co, High St, back dropped by Poplar St, red zone, E Frame, demolition wasteland

*12.09.12. High St view of E Frame, demolition wasteland, Poplar St. Pink, plastic bucket on Poplar Mews demolition site

*12.09.12. High St view of E Frame, demolition wasteland by Ash St & Poplar St. Madras St, NG boutique right beyond on CCDU's Blueprint, 35 000 seater, roofed stadium site

*12.09.12. High St view of E Frame demolition sites by Polar St & view across Madras St to Turners & Growers site, CCDU's Blueprint stadium site. NG boutique left awaited purchase by CERA for the stadium site

*12.09.12. S Frame, part demolished McKenzie Willis, cnr Tuam St / High St. McKenzie Willis was restored

*12.09.12. High St view of CPIT Fashion School left & part demolished McKenzie Willis in S Frame right. McKenzie Willis was restored

*12.09.12. High St / Tuam St crossing, W view of S Frame left & Alice in Videoland (old Post Office bldg) right

I didn't snap all quake survivor bldgs in the S Frame, like Beggs Music Centre, Colombo St, nor Mollett St bldgs, but I saw enough to know that if CERA demolished all bldgs in the S Frame, Canterbury was ruled by megalomaniacs, CERA bully bosses overseeing ruination rather than recovery.

Later on CERA changed & didn't buy all its Blueprint quake survivor bldgs, citing "surplus to requirements." Meanwhile quake survivor, private businesses in the Blueprint Frame were messed around by CERA's Blueprint farce.

Cnr St Asaph St / Manchester St: If EPIC's (Enterprise Precinct & Innovation Campus) ugly, black shed, heralded CCDU's idea of modern bldgs, then CERA's rebuilt of Christchurch CBD would be extremely ugly.

Cnr Tuam St / Madras St, N view: Forbidden CBD red zone, E Frame, demolition wasteland & ghost bldgs between Madras St & Manchester St. The CCDU Blueprint proposed buying the lot & making it park land.

Poplar St & Ash St: Pre quakes, boutiques gone, Poplar Mews gone, pubs gone, restaurants gone, businesses gone. All that was left of Poplar Mews, where Jake once flatted, was a pink plastic bucket & demolition wasteland in CERA's utopia.

Since the 22.02.11 quake, as Christchurch had survived 19 months without a CBD, what was the point of rebuilding a new CBD? For office workers & their shopping? Suburbs had coped well with the post quake, CBD business exodus. All that the quake trashed CBD did was provide expensive demolition & rebuild work for quake leeches, hoping to attracting tourists back.

Christ church Cathedral saga continued with Anderton's court case trying to block demolition of Christ Church Cathedral ruins.

9 images, Tuam St:

*12.09.12. Tuam St view of E Frame ghost bldgs beyond Poplar St & Ash St demolition wasteland

*12.09.12. E Frame, Poplar St / Ash St junction, demolition sites & ghost bldgs. Poplar Mews demolition site left. Lichfield St beyond, in gap between bldgs

*12.09.12. Tuam St view of E Frame demolition sites & ghost bldgs. Poplar St left, Ash St ahead. Abandoned IR bldg behind right


12.09.12. Post quakes, Tuam St / Madras St crossing

*Wandered St Asaph St, Antigua St, Tuam St, High St.

Thursday 13.09.12. CERA minister Brownlee's recent rant about "carping and moaning" green-zone, TC3 residential property owners "buggarizing around on Facebook all day," then Brownlee's sneery apology, was a diversion for the next NZ National govt / CERA attacks:

1. More red zoning in the Port Hills: 37 properties red zoned  in Horotane Valley & Bridle Path Rd, Heathcote Valley. CERA's excuse - rock fall hazard. 443 Port Hills homes red zoned so far. Hillsborough homes in Lucas Ln were still white zoned, in limbo, awaiting CERA's intervention in October.

2. CERA announced that uninsured residential properties & vacant lots would be govt offered half rateable value, another National govt land grab, the half land value offer stank, as vacant lots were uninsurable in NZ. National govt's conflating half price, vacant lots with half price, uninsured homes ripped off vacant lot owners. Commercial / industrial properties would get a similar NZ National govt offer to NZ National govt's residential red zone offer - recent RV plus half land value. CERA made the artificial red zones, then made rip off offers.

3. Grand announcement by the Ministry of Education (MOE) - Brownlee & education minister Hekia Parata presiding, that many Canterbury / Christchurch schools would close, merge, or relocate. Some daft suggestions by the MOE: Merger of Christchurch BH (1 300 boys) & Shirley BH (1 300 boys); Merger of Avonside GH & Christchurch GH... The MOE's excuse for all the disruption was quakes.

The MOE wanted to close 13 schools & merge 18 schools. Parata's contention that some schools due for closure were less than 50 roll, stretched her generalization a bit, as due for closure Richmond School, Kendal School & Burnside Primary all had rolls greater than 50.

If Brownlee spent time in his Ilam constituency he'd know there was traffic congestion twice a day outside Burnside HS (roll 2 000+) when parents dropped off & fetched kids. And what did Parata & Co do? Propose a massively merged, cluster school, to cause more traffic jams in the E, in Aranui, on quake crapped roads. Never mind traffic jams caused by more merger proposals.

Leah was already affected by looming closure of McKenzie Residential School, where she did part-time teaching of bad behaviour boys. Richmond School, down the road from Leah's private London St school, would close due to low roll.

While Canterbury citizens reeled from ongoing quakes, NZ National govt put the jackboot into Canterbury education, changing education facilities & communities. Never mind staffs', students' & parents' traumas.

Why were there no changes to Invercargill's, Dunedin's, Wellington's, Auckland's education facilities? So much for Canterbury democracy.

Halswell School would be rebuilt, where Leah had taught during our Oaklands days.

Burnside Primary & Kendal School in Brownlee's Ilam constituency were slated for closure. Closure of Ilam primary schools was dumb, as many kids lived in Ilam. Burnside Primary & Kendal School, both fed Burnside HS (no closure). Both primary schools were about ten minutes walk from our home & about 10 minutes walk from Burnside HS.

Nearby Aorangi Primary was closed & demolished years ago (just a concrete slab & green playground left, with locked gates). Closure of Burnside Primary & Kendal School was dumb, as Ilam kids would have no local school to go to.

Burnside survived the quakes well & was a sought after school zone, pre & post quakes. As Burnside was an upmarket suburb, Kendal School & Burnside Primary, asset sales would make mega bucks for NZ National govt. The closure / merger proposals of so many Christchurch schools was NZ National govt, disaster capitalism, selling taxpayer assets for profit.

Quake trashed, E suburb dwellers had 4 options: Leave town; stay on their quake crapped land in their quake crapped houses; move to "safe" suburbs like Burnside; move to city fringe developments, like at Halswell Junction Rd & send kids to Halswell School. Never mind there was no HS for some distance from Halswell.

Once a week, our sons had bussed from Oaklands School to Branston Intermediate for technology subjects. Leah bussed with kids once a week to Phillipstown School for technology subjects. Luke became a carpenter / joiner / salvager after leaving Burnside HS. The foundation for his career began at Branston Intermediate. Although Hornby was growing post quakes, MOE wanted to close Branston Intermediate & merge / relocate Phillipstown School with Woolston School.

The MOE was experimenting on Canterbury with new cluster schools, like Lincoln / Rolleston cluster & clustering several Aranui & Avondale schools into a monster Aranui school, year 1 to year 13.

Whatever MOE's rationale for closures, mergers, or relocations, boasting about sinking $1 billion into Canterbury education in the next decade was cynical cost saving. MOE's web page gobbledegook, "Shaping Education - Future Direction..." using the quakes as excuse for cost savings was disingenuous, as parents no longer had choice of decent, local schools.

After our arrival in Christchurch, mid 1995, we stayed in Sumner till the end of the year, but moved to Halswell, as we were dissatisfied with Jake's primary school education. The Sumner pre-school Luke went to was OK. 
Our sons were primary educated at Oaklands School near Halswell, but 9 years ago we moved to Burnside, as we were dissatisfied with Jake's year 13 schooling at Hillmorton HS, where senior teachers & school management were negligent in their duty of care in several of Jake's year 13 subjects. (Too busy striking to sort out Jake's final year, school work). We wanted better schooling for Luke at Burnside HS.

On the afternoon of the 22.02.11 quake, I stood with Leah in her London St school driveway, with other teachers & kids, while grey liquefaction mud & water oozed from the ground, still aftershock jolting, while we smelt the malodour of collapsed & burning CTV bldg far away, with shattered houses, businesses & Richmond Working Mens Club around us, muddy, flooded streets & the collapse of Fitzgerald Ave, northbound bridge, round the cnr by Avon Loop.

High school teachers were at a strike meeting, HS pupils let loose in quake city, while primary school teachers stayed at their posts, long after the first quake strike, ensuring kids got home safely. Leah's school director battled quake ravaged roads to safely deliver a child to New Brighton then returned to her quaking school. Primary school teachers' bravery during quakes was never acknowledged by Parata.


The MOE later backed off closing Burnside Primary, but closed Kendal School. Branston Intermediate & Phillipstown School were closed. So much for nurturing NZ technology. Those closed schools were worth a fortune, as they were all in busy suburbs.

03.03.14. NZ National govt's, MOE's media release announced the construction of a new primary school & new high school at rapidly growing Rolleston, S of Christchurch.

16.01.15. The Press reported that NZ National govt / CCDU would shrink the size of the Blueprint S Frame. CCDU's idea of buying quake survivor bldgs, like successful car dealerships in the Blueprint S Frame for park land was dumb.

Feb 2016. Ongoing MOE negotiations with Christchurch Council for rebuilds of Avonside GH & Shirley BH on liquefactioned, QE11 demolition sites. What a farce: Rebuilding of liquefactioned schools on more liquefactioned land! MOE & Council hadn't learnt a thing from the quakes.

Content & pics Copyright Mark JS Esslemont.

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