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Mona Vale, Fendalton Road

93 images, Mona Vale, Fendalton Rd:

16.10.13. Mona Vale front gate sign, Wairarapa Stream, Fendalton Rd

Wed 16.10.13. I hadn't seen Mona Vale since the 04.09.10 quake, so it was time for another look. Mona Vale was a Council park at the confluence of 4 rivers: Wairarapa Steam, Waimairi Stream, Avon River & Mill Stream, with railway / quake trashed brick wall one side & posh housing the other side of the river. Mona Vale had started as Victorian private property taken over by Council in the 1960s. NZ Historic Places Trust listed Mona Vale as a Category 1 Historic Place, so ratepayers paid for upkeep & quake damages.

16.10.13. Quake trashed, abandoned Mona Vale gate house, Fendalton Rd. The gate house was repaired in 2016

16.10.13. City Care workmen clearing water weed, Wairarapa Stream, Mona Vale, Fendalton Rd

Heritage fanatics squawked when post quake demolitions were imminent, but post quakes there was little squawking for fund raising to protect so-called heritage bldgs. So quake damaged, heritage bldgs just stood empty, surrounded by cordon fencing, unused & abandoned, awaiting better days.

16.10.13. Quake trashed, abandoned Mona Vale gate house, Fendalton Rd. The gate house was repaired in 2016

Fendalton Rd: By the railway, I looked at Mona Vale gate house, fence cordon closed since the 22.02.11 quake. A fallen chimney still lay on the pavement & metal sheeting covered 2 parts of the roof, where 2 chimneys had collapsed. Walls were quake cracked & boarded.

The gate house was repaired in 2016.

16.10.13. Quake trashed, abandoned Mona Vale gate house, Fendalton Rd. The gate house was repaired in 2016

A Council info board on the fence cordon read:

This Christchurch City Council facility is closed due to earthquakes.

The Council is striving to assess and carry out work on its 1600 buildings as quickly as possible as part of its Facilities Rebuild Plan Programme...

Given all the closed & abandoned bldgs around Christchurch, like Mona Vale & Bishopdale Community Centre... the plan was slow.

16.10.13. Wairarapa Stream, Waimari Stream, Avon River confluence, Mona Vale

I crossed a couple of wooden bridges where Waimairi Stream & Avon River joined Wairarapa Stream. Leah liked feeding ducks there, a pleasant, peaceful place, away from busy Fendalton Rd.

By the car park a lengthy section of garden brick wall bordering the railway had quake collapsed. Past the rose garden towards the fernery more sections of brick wall had quake collapsed.

16.10.13. Quake collapsed brick wall, Avon River, Mona Vale

16.10.13. Quake collapsed brick wall between railway & Mona Vale car park

16.10.13. Quake collapsed brick wall, Mona Vale fernery

The homestead / restaurant was cordon closed since the 2010-11 quakes & propped by wood & steel bracing & big concrete blocks on two sides. Many windows of the double storey house were boarded. A large section of the front wall was covered in black plastic.

16.10.13. Quake trashed, abandoned Mona Vale homestead / restaurant

A Council information board on the cordon fence read:

The Homestead
Mona Vale

The building was damaged in the 2010/11 Canterbury earthquakes and aftershocks. 

Propping walls and other support is designed to keep the building weather-proof [stopped collapse] until a decision about its future can be made.

The English arts and crafts movement influenced the design of the homestead. It was built in 1897 for Frederick Waymouth manager of the region's frozen meat works. Heiress Annie Townend purchased the property in 1905 renaming it Mona Vale after her mother's birthplace in Tasmania.

New Zealand Historic Places Trust / Pouhere Toanga lists Mona Vale as a Category 1 Historic Place.

16.10.13. Quake trashed, abandoned Mona Vale homestead / restaurant

The nearby Bath House was closed & wood braced riverside. Punting on the Avon through Mona Vale was closed.

16.10.13. Quake closed, abandoned Bath House, Mona Vale

16.10.13. Mona Vale, Bath House view of Avon River

The other gatehouse by Christchurch Girls HS sports ground was also cordon closed with boarded windows & black plastic / boarded roof damages. Pre quakes, Council had used the bldg as a Botanical Services office, now closed & abandoned. The garden was used as a nursery for park plants. An ironic sign by the back gate read:


Only an idiot would enter that quake damaged house. The front door was still green stickered, March 2011, NO RESTRICTION ON USE OR OCCUPANCY... tribute to the idiocy of post quake, rapid assessment by Council.

16.10.13. Quake trashed, abandoned, Mona Vale office / gate house

16.10.13. Mona Vale back gate sign

Avon River still rolled on. Five orange, Hi Vis vested, City Care workmen waded the river, removing river weed using long poles. Weeds floated downstream. Botanical Services workmen weeded flower beds. School girls wandered to school & joggers jogged through the riverside park. The wrought iron gazebo with copper dome & stained glass windows was undamaged by quakes.

16.10.13. Gazebo, Mona Vale

I wandered back to Burnside via Matai St West & Straven Rd, quake damaged housing & demolitions hidden by shrubbery & high walls. By the railway opp Mona Vale, on Matai St West cnr, brick clad  housing was quake damaged & abandoned, black plastic covering walls & gables. Further on, a double storey, Oamaru whitestone house had a broken garden wall & cracked chimney.

12 images, Matai St West:

16.10.13. Quake abandoned, cordoned house, Matai St West, by railway opp Mona Vale

16.10.13. Quake repairs, tradesman sign, Matai St West

16.10.13. Quake cracked chimney, Matai St West

16.10.13. Quake collapsed garden wall, Matai St West

16.10.13. Quake damaged, part repaired house, Matai St West

Straven Rd: Near Christchurch Boys HS, there were several quake damaged houses with contractors doing repairs - asphalters, roofers, painters... Waimairi Stream & Avon River flowed under Straven Rd to Mona Vale, the quake prone houses were built on swampland.

20 images, Straven Rd:

16.10.13. Christchurch Boys High, Straven Rd

16.10.13. Quake damaged war memorial, Christchurch BH, Straven Rd

16.10.13. Post quake house repair, Straven Rd

16.10.13. Quake collapsed, garden wall next to Avon River, Straven Rd

16.10.13. Avon River, Straven Rd

16.10.13. Real estate sign, Straven Rd

16.10.13. Post quake house repair, Straven Rd

Like quake trashed Mona Vale, the new Council with new mayor Dalziel & mostly new councillors, Council was at a confluence. It could either maintain management weeds grown by Parker's & Marryatt's former Council, or clean up post quake Council whose many managers were overpaid: There were 248 managers, each earning $100 000+ p.a. in a 2 803 Council workforce. (The Press 04.10.13). Ratepayers were ripped off by Council's manager / workman ratio 1:11.

16.10.13. Post quake temp house repair, Straven Rd

The former Council left a mess, with a Crown manager dredging the consents debacle & CERA panting down new councillors' necks. The sooner the Crown manager weeded out superfluous Council managers the better.

16.10.13. Post quake house repair, Straven Rd

16.10.13. Quake damaged garden wall, Straven Rd

*Wandered Fendalton Rd, Matai St West, Straven Rd.

Thursday 31.10.13. 4.21 am, 4.2 mag quake, 9 km depth, 20 km W of Christchurch (GeoNet). Slept through it.

The Press reported big Canterbury quakes since the 04.09.10 quake:

Magnitude      Number

7.0 & above   1
6.0-6.9                   3
5.0-5.9                   53
4.0-4.9                   502
3.0-3.9                   404


Sunday 12.07.15. TVNZ, OneNews reported that Mona Vale was being repaired. Like Mona Vale, many residences & public bldgs stood around for years post quakes, before quake repairs.

Content & pics Copyright Mark JS Esslemont.

See Council boss may get pay rise (The Press / Stuff Co).

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