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Mary Statue Photo, Catholic Cathedral, Christchurch 22.02.11 Quake

My Christchurch quake, blog pics were used by readers to solve various problems.

Example: 03.10.17. A blog reader's email request for a high resolution photo of the Mary statue, which moved 180 degrees during collapse of the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament's N tower, 22.02.11 Christchurch quake:

"I have been scouring the 'net for a photo of the Catholic Cathedral taken between 2010 and 2011 quakes to put to rest a 'discussion' about whether the statue of Mary in the upper window of the north Tower actually did a one-eighty during the Feb 22nd quake. On your blog... down the bottom of the page you have a photo of the Cathedral but its not high enough resolution to be sure the statue is facing inwards. If it is we expect to see the white veil at the top and the blue cloak down from there. If facing out, it will be predominantly white.

[My referred to pic was a N angle shot taken of Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, Barbadoes St, on 15.09.10, post 04.09.10 quake, the 7.1 mag Darfield quake, shaking Christchurch to hell, the first of 15 000 quakes shaking Christchurch in a 3+ year period. If the emailer had clicked on the pic he would've seen the white inward facing veil & blue cloak underneath. No high resolution pic needed. If he'd searched my blog further, he would've found Mary statue pics I took during Mar 2011, post 22.02.11 quake, showing the outward facing Mary statue. See blog post link below]. 

I would love to see a high res copy of this - I'm certainly not wanting to prove a miracle or anything, but the truth is important to me. So either it is a remarkable seismic phenomenon or maybe someone went into the Cathedral even though it was closed to the public and turned the statue - admittedly unlikely. [Agreed. There was tons of collapsed rubble on the roof of the N tower office housing the Mary statue].

But as you can imagine, dated photographic evidence is what speaks to me as a scientist... A photo from early February 2011 would be the absolute clincher..." [My clicked on 15.09.10 blog photo IS the clincher!]

See Wednesday 15.09.10. Day 12 after Christchurch Quake, Dallington.

See Now You Know, Red Zone

See Ferry Road Demolition & RC Cathedral.

My email reply:

"I took and blogged over 20 000 quake pics before / as soon as citizens were allowed into Christchurch quake trashed CBD. My pics are not as high resolution as you want / need, as I used 3 cheap digital cameras (1 Nikon, 2 Samsungs) in my quake wanderings over 3 years in Chch & surrounding quaked towns, 2010-13 incl.

It was impossible to wander quake trashed, Chch CBD for at least 28 months post 22.02.11, as there was a military state of emergency, then CBD military cordon, with numerous cordoned / arbitrarily changed checkpoints into the CBD where the quake trashed, RC Cathedral was / is.

Unauthorised entry into the cordoned CBD red zone invited instant arrest by cops or NZDF soldiers. Post quakes, only CERA officials, cops, military & a few Council & NZ govt personnel & vetted media & contractors were allowed into Chch CBD red zone, where the RC Cathedral was / is. At times bldg owners were allowed military / cop escorted entry to their quake trashed bldgs in the CBD red zone to retrieve belongings. Over many months post quake, CERA opened parts of the CBD to citizens when perceived safe, after many demolitions of quake trashed bldgs.

Should you want high resolution pics of the Mary miracle spin, I suggest you research The Press / Stuff Co articles. I remember one article which had pics of the Mary spin, maybe better resolution than mine. I saw & photographed many heavy objects twisted & spun on their vertical axes by quakes, like houses, stone gateposts, war memorial obelisks & granite grave obelisks. Check out my 2 Selwyn St Cemetery blog posts showing grave obelisks toppled or spun on their vertical axes by the quakes. Much heavier than the Mary statue.

See Selwyn St Ghosts, 5 Months Post Quake

Many bridge horizontal concrete spans were rotated on their horizontal axes, 1 000s of tons weightier than the Mary statue. Check out my Bridge St Bridge post, Avon Estuary.

See Ten Avon River Bridges, Spans & Quakes.

Trust this resolves your skepticism. I was 82 kgs mass during quakes, spun & twisted quite a lot while trying to walk / run to safety during quakes.

BTW the Mary statue faced inwards in the RC Cathedral tower office window pre quakes, but faced outwards towards Barbadoes St post 22.02.11 quake, a 180 degree spin of the statue on its pedestal caused by the quake. No miracle, just quake physical forces. Check out EQC's GeoNet website, if you want details of seismic scales, vertical accelerations, etc during quakes.

See GeoNet.

Copyright Mark JS Esslemont.

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