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SCIRT: Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Risible Team

3 images, Union St:

06.05.12. Fulton Hogan Site Office sign, Union St

Sun 06.05.12. SCIRT, Stronger Structure Infrastructure Recovery Team was formed post quakes to be "responsible for rebuilding horizontal infrastructure in Christchurch." (SCIRT website).

SCIRT consisted of Council / City Care & NZ National govt, NZ transport Agency & contractors like Downer & Fulton Hogan. Basically a NZ National govt monopoly which had taken over Council functions. Since the quakes, NZ National govt, through CERA, had taken over many Council functions, including seconded Council staff.

Two SCIRT signs on Estuary Rd read:

Fulton Hogan Site Office
Infrastructure Rebuild...


SCIRT: rebuilding the city's
roads and underground pipes...

06.05.12. SCIRT sign, Union St

A Rodney St protest poster, stuck on a green, plastic, sewage tank read:


* Fresh Mid-Term Elections
* Replace the CEO
   Tony Marryatt
* Community Run Council
* Affordable Land / Housing
* Affordable rates

Protest Rally...

As Council was performing poorly under CERA's jackboot, protests rumbled from Christchurch citizens. Public protests had already happened during quake times & more public protests would happen during 2012. Cantabrians Unite protest was one of many protests in 2012.

06.05.12. Cantabrians Unite, protest sign, green, plastic, sewage tank. SCIRT sign behind, cnr Union St / Rodney St

06.05.12. Post quakes, Union St house

Given SCIRT's sewer renewal cock-up in South New Brighton, it was no laughing matter for those enduring SCIRT's sewer renewal cock-up.

56 images, Estuary Rd:

06.05.12. Post quakes, Estuary Rd house

06.05.12. Post quakes, Sewer Renewal sign. Estuary Rd north

06.05.12. Post quakes, detour sign, Estuary Rd north

06.05.12. Road flooding due to sewer renewal, excavation pumping, Estuary Rd north

06.05.12. Sewer renewal, excavation pump flooding, Estuary Rd north

06.05.12. Post quakes, sewer renewal excavation by shops, cnr Estuary Rd / Bridge St

During my Christchurch wanderings, I'd seen SCIRT workmen in suburbs digging road holes: digger machinery, men in hard hats & orange, Hi Vis vests, equipment, orange, plastic, road cones, traffic detours, the hole shebang.

06.05.12. Post quakes, sewer renewal excavation by shops, cnr Estuary Rd / Bridge St

06.05.12. Sewer renewal, excavation pump, Estuary Rd / Bridge St crossing

06.05.12. Shops affected by months of sewer renewal excavations, cnr Estuary Rd /; Bridge St

Luke's girlfriend lived in South New Brighton, Estuary Rd, near South New Brighton School. SCIRT dug up, closed, & dug up sewer renewal trenches on Estuary Rd for months. The place looked like WW1 trenches - mud, shingle, machinery, flooding, trashy, patched roads.

In the middle of Estuary Rd, there was a long, cordoned, excavated trench, with a series of curved, black plastic, pressure pipes on the side, joined to a bigger surface pipe, releasing underground water on the road surface for pumping away.

Several warning signs along Estuary Rd read:





30 km speed limit sign

A sign by Estuary Rd, traffic circle read:

OVER 3500 KG

It would be years before SCIRT completed repairs to Bridge St Bridge. Never mind repairs to other Avon River bridges.

06.05.12. Post quakes, yellow, sewer renewal, excavations pump, Bridge St / Estuary Rd crossing

06.05.12. Steel protection for sewer trench shuttering, Bridge St east

06.05.12. Red, road brush tractor, sewer renewal excavation, Estuary Rd south

06.05.12. Sewer renewal pipes, Estuary Rd south

06.05.12. Sewer renewal pipes, blue portaloo & orange, shipping container, Estuary Rd south

As dad's taxi, whenever I drove that way, day & night, as Estuary Rd was turned into a one-way street by SCIRT diggers, I had to make a long detour along Southshore roads, before I could return N along Estuary Rd one-way to fetch / drop off Luke. Estuary Rd was a bumpy, pot holed mess. It was impossible to park there, impossible for cars to pass, due to sewer renewal excavations in the middle of the road.

06.05.12. Sewer renewal excavation, Estuary Rd south

06.05.12. Sewer renewal, yellow pump & orange digger, Estuary Rd south


06.05.12. Sewer renewal, digger machines & road narrowing, Estuary Rd south

Shops at Estuary Rd / Bridge St crossing were almost bankrupted by the long SCIRT, sewer renewal excavations. Hundreds of orange, plastic, road cones & noisy machinery besieged shops, school & homeowners, while SCIRT workmen excavated quake-crapped, sewage pipes, laid new sewage pipes, filled in the trenches, tore them up again, relaid pipes & filled in trenches again. Fulton Hogan engineers had cocked-up the measurements. (Weekend Press 05-06.04.12).

*Wandered Union St, Estuary Rd.

06.05.12. Orange digger, sewer renewal, Estuary Rd south

06.05.12. South New Brighton School entrance, affected by months of sewer renewal excavations, Estuary Rd south

06.05.12 Sewer renewal, digger machines parked by South New Brighton School, Estuary Rd south

06.05.12. Yellow pump, sewer renewal by South New Brighton School, Estuary Rd south

If that was SCIRT "excellence," Christchurch rebuild would falter.

06.05.12. Digger machines, sewer renewal by South New Brighton School, Estuary Rd south

06.05.12. Cordon fencing & steel shuttering protection, sewer renewal, Estuary Rd south

SCIRT's website read:

"Owner participants


Non owner participants

city care, DOWNER, Fulton Hogan


SCIRT mind set and values

* best for communities
* open to new ways and communities
* collectively we are stronger
* generous with trust
* Zero Harm
* developing our people

SCIRT behaviours

* listening actively
* having honest conversations
* working together
* having the courage to speak up
* leading by example & walking the talk
* striving for excellence"

As SCIRT website punctuation was crap, SCIRT had a long way to go to get anywhere near horizontal infrastructure excellence. At the expense of long-suffering Christchurch citizens.

The website gave smiley faces of 8 Board men & smiley faces of 8 Management men & 3 Management women, all wearing powder blue shirts & black leggings.

How many Board members & Management team members were on final warnings for the South New Brighton, sewer renewal cock-up?

Months later shops on the E side of Estuary Rd were closed by Council engineers, as shop bldgs were deemed too dangerous, according to Council's post quake bldg code. Luke said the bldg owner closed the bldg, as he wasn't bothered to repair the bldg up to code. Easier & cheaper to close & demolish.

After SCIRT finished sewer renewal, SCIRT left Estuary Rd in a rutted, lumpy state with weak tar seal. I drove that way often & SCIRT's rotten road repairs annoyed me. SCIRT sloppiness was messing vehicle suspensions & tyres.

By that stage the E / W, Third World / First World divide in Christchurch was obvious, especially road conditions, due to CERA's & Council's neglect. In the W, a week before schools reopened after summer holidays, Memorial Ave airport road, near my Burnside home, got a tarmac resurfacing near Burnside HS, while E suburban roads just rotted.

For over a year from the airport to Hornby, Council four-laning road works continued along Russley Rd & Carmen Rd. Council revamped several traffic circle, road surfaces in Avonhead too.


Jan-Mar 2013. That wasn't the end of excavations. SCIRT dug up Estuary Rd again by South New Brighton School, to lay water pipes, cover with concrete & lay new concrete curb & asphalt pavement. Never mind inconveniencing locals with SCIRT "excellence" again.

Another SCIRT cock up: Rookwood Ave / Bowhill Rd circle was another place where SCIRT did more than one excavation. After pipe repair / replacement, SCIRT wasn't too careful about compacting soil properly, before resurfacing with asphalt. That caused SCIRT excavations to sink into asphalt covered pot holes, leaving roads in worse cracked / pot holed condition than quake damages.

So much for SCIRT's "walking the talk" & "striving for excellence."

"Best for communities" and "zero harm." HA!

By Nov 2013 my car brakes were shot, due to increased use of my car brakes on quake crapped & SCIRT crapped roads.

26.02.15. The Press reported Council saying that despite SCIRT infrastructure repairs till 2016, Christchurch roads would not be the same standard as pre quake roads for another 30 years. Mayor Dalziel said Council would budget $250m / p.a. for "horizontal infrastructure." (Whatever that meant?) In other words SCIRT repairs were crap & Christchurch citizens must endure quake & SCIRT crapped roads for 30 years. As asphalt repair patches soon wore out, why did SCIRT contractors lay such poor quality asphalt?

Content & pics Copyright Mark JS Esslemont. 


See Christchurch faces 30 more years of rough roads (The Press / Stuff Co).

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