Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rawhiti Domain, CERA Temporary Village

Post 22.02.12 quake, I snapped pics of CERA's Linwood Village development. I drove past the development daily when taking Luke to Sullivan Ave tech. It was CERA's temporary housing for citizens whose quake damaged houses were being repaired or rebuilt. Another temporary village for quake evacuees was built at Kaiapoi.

Thurs 14.06.12. It was time see CERA's temporary village, Rawhiti Domain, New Brighton. Weeks ago I'd looked for building going on there, but nothing was happening.

More than a year post 22.02.11 quake, according to CERA's website, on 23.03.12 CERA minister Brownlee announced building of the temporary village at Rawhiti Domain.

18 images, Shaw Ave, Keyes Rd:

14.06.12. Rawhiti Domain entrance, Shaw Ave

14.06.12. Post quakes, Temp Village, Rawhiti Domain entrance, Keyes Rd

14.06.12. Post quakes, Temp Village, Rawhiti Domain

14.06.12. Fallen branches due to snow. Post quakes, Temp Village, Rawhiti Domain

14.06.12. Post quakes, Temp Village, Rawhiti Domain

Near the golf course, 19 two bedroom, temporary houses stood in 2 rows, with wooden steps almost completed by each house. They looked like cheap army barracks. Workmen in orange, Hi Vis vests & hard hats built the temporary housing.

14.06.12. Post quakes, Temp Village, Rawhiti Domain


14.06.12. Broken cordon fence, due to fallen branch during snow. Post quakes, Temp Village, Rawhiti Domain

Tall pines loured both sides of the development going to Keyes Rd entrance. Fallen branches lay about due to last week's snowfall. A fence cordon around the housing development was damaged at one place where a heavy branch had fallen.

There was ample space in Rawhiti Domain for more housing, if needed.

NZ National govt's / CERA's / insurers' scam: NZ National govt / CERA deemed some quake damaged land as red zone land & uninhabitable, by its own geotech rules, concocted by Tonkin & Taylor geotech engineers, then CERA offered red zoners a choice of 2 rateable value land deals for their residential properties (cheaper than market value) & if red zoners took the NZ National govt / CERA deal, instead of doing battle with dodgy insurers, NZ National govt / CERA then took over red zoners' insurances & land & forced red zoners off their land with a deadline, using red zoners own insurance money to pay them rateable value.

Thus NZ National govt / CERA got land for nothing & red zoners lost their land, if they accepted NZ National govt's / CERA's offer.

Why did NZ National govt / CERA expect red zoners to pay exorbitant rents (during the post quake housing crisis) for cheapskate "village" houses, while red zoners searched for other land / housing?

15.06.12. CERA website's "roaring success" news:

"Insured owners of the 7 253 properties in the residential red zone have been given two offers...

Of the 5 054 property owners to sign a sale and purchase agreement to date, 1 155 have chosen option 1, & 3 899 have chosen option 2.

And of those who have signed an agreement, 3 956 have already concluded settlement at a cost to the Crown of $762 million..."

Why did all those red zoners give their land rights to the Crown?

NZ National govt / CERA didn't say what it would do with all the red zone land obtained under duress from Christchurch residential land owners.

*Wandered Shaw Ave, Keyes Rd.

Content & pics Copyright Mark JS Esslemont.

See New temporary village announced 23 March 2012 (CERA).

See 'Cruel' zoning process gives 'false hope' (The Press / Stuff Co).


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