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Crazy CERA, Zoning Review

Sat 23.06.12. 0.42 am, mag 4.0 quake, 12 km depth, 10 km NE of Christchurch (GeoNet). Slept through it.

Over the last few weeks, there'd been crazy statements from NZ National govt regarding Christchurch quakes, land zoning decisions:

CERA minister Brownlee: "There is no housing crisis..."

During last week Brownlee announced that CERA would conduct a zoning review for residential homeowners who wanted a review from green zone to red zone, or vice versa. Never mind that over 5 000 home owners had already signed NZ National govt red zone offers to buy their quake trashed land, doling out red zoners their very own insurance money.

The Press 22.06.12. Minister of housing Phil Heatley, same tune as Brownlee: "I  wouldn't call it a crisis, but there is no doubt some people are under some housing pressures."

PM Key's National party, 05.06.12 letter we received:

"Our progress includes...

* Making purchase offers to more than 6 000 residential red zone homeowners, two-thirds of which have been accepted.

* Fast-tracking planning permission to make thousands of new residential sections available in new subdivisions on safe land..."

Key's statement surely showed a housing crisis.

The Star, 22.06.12. CERA boss Sutton cycled in: "So just to clarify, this is a green zone and red zone review, not white zone. Technical Categories are not part of what the advisory [review] group will look at.

The advisory group's brief is to check that the original zoning is consistent with the criteria agreed by the government, or to see if there are anomalies with the boundary designations, or if the infrastructure in the specific area would not actually be viable to maintain."

Sutton's gobbledegook omitted saying that all green zone land were Technical Categories, TC1, or TC2, or TC3. Our Burnside residential rental land was TC1, no problem shingle land, no land repair needed.

Sutton implied that CERA refused to review TC3 land, which was severely liquefactioned in serial quakes, like Parklands East, leaving all those TC3 green zoners in financial straits & doomed by govt decree to Third World conditions & expensively fixing quake crapped land & trashed housing, with expensively repaired, untested foundations.

The Press 22.06.12. Sutton changed his tune: "The review is looking at the green and red zones only. While people who are green zone will have a Technical Category, it is not that part of the designation that the advisory group will be reviewing..."

Crazy that CERA would only review some green zone & red zone properties, but not green-blue TC3 properties. Zoning review fairness? What a mess!

Meanwhile Sutton had posted letters to mostly green zone Baker St residents saying their zoning wouldn't change. (What was the point of a zoning review Sutton?) There were a few red zone houses in Baker St, which was badly liquefactioned by serial quakes. Residents said they would take CERA to court. Sutton then changed his tune & said some review changes would happen. (The Press 18.07.12).

Why did CERA come up with a review process only after scores of red zone houses were already demolished?

Fri 29.06.12. Brownlee announced Port Hills rezoning from white zone to 1 107 green zone & 285 red zone properties, with 166 white zoners still awaiting geotech assessment (One News).

It took geotech assessment / CERA 16 months since the 22.02.11 quake to figure out some houses were in danger of cliff fall, rock fall or land slip, most of which could be visually verified.

CERA website read: "The cost of buying the 285 red zone properties will be shared equally by the Crown and the Christchurch City Council and is expected to be around $205 million, taking into account purchase price and transaction costs."

Rationale for ratepayers having to cough up for Port Hills red zone properties (but not flats red zone properties): Council was responsible for ameliorating Port Hills rock fall hazards above houses it had consented for Port Hills development.

So far during our 17 years in Christchurch, we saw many new houses & apartments built along Nayland St, Wakefield Ave, Heberden Ave, Sumner & Whitewash Head, Scarborough, all in obvious rock fall & cliff collapse places. Ditto new houses built below rock fall bluffs at Stonehaven Tce, Hillsborough.

As any idiot could see that building on top of a cliff, or below a cliff, like Redcliffs & Sumner, would endanger people & housing to cliff collapse & rock fall, why did Council consent building all those new houses in dangerous Port Hills places?

Key, Brownlee, Heatley & Sutton should take a night drive along any Avon River road & some roads going off riverside roads to see land & housing devastation & dare to deny the housing crisis! They'd need strong constitutions, compassion, good car lights as lights were gone in the ghost suburbs & strong shocks.

An eastern suburban night drive: From Anzac Bridge, drive a night circuit along red zone, flooded, New Brighton Rd, past red zone Barkers Ln, Waygreen Ave, Wattle Dr, Bower Ave junctions, past red zone Wainoni Rd Bridge, Palmers Rd, Baker St, Rawson St, Pratt St junctions to Pages Rd Bridge. Cross Avon River & drive down red zone Pages Rd, past Waitaki St & Bexley Rd back to Anzac Dr.

Saturday 23.02.12. I wandered from Barkers Ln, near Anzac Bridge, to Pages Rd Bridge, a distance of 2 kms, by quake smashed, red zone houses, many abandoned, while zigzagging across quake-trashed New Brighton Rd & along Avon River stop bank. Mostly empty, serial quake trashed houses were more derelict than what I'd seen in January-February, when I'd wandered New Brighton quake-trashed roads.

99 images, New Brighton Rd:

23.06.12. New Brighton Rd stop bank, upstream view of Avon River & quake damaged, Anzac Bridge

Sixteen months post 22.02.11 quake, thick liquefaction mud was still in Barkers Ln & in many New Brighton Rd gardens & driveways.

To me, New Brighton Rd was the worst quake damaged road in Christchurch - patch repaired, lumpy, bumpy, pot holed, cracked, with liquefaction mud & flooded sink holes beside the road. Never mind wear & tear on traffic forced to use it. Sixteen months post 22.02.11 quake, it was time SCIRT repaired it properly.

23.06.12. Liquefactioned, flooded sink hole, New Brighton Rd, nr Barkers Ln. Avon River stop bank right

23.06.12. Quake skewed, power pole by liquefactioned roadside, New Brighton Rd, nr Barkers Ln. Avon River stop bank left

Barkers Ln: Kate Sheppard Retirement Village for the elderly was part demolished. Kate Sheppard home owners were not included in the govt red zone pay out offers, yet Kate Sheppard complex was red zoned. The complex owner ripped off the elderly by taking a cut of the original home payments by the elderly, before pay out to elderly residents. Not enough to restart elsewhere properly. Never mind home owners having paid insurance on their homes. (Weekend Press, 23-24/06/12).

No housing crisis Brownlee & Heatley?

2015. Luke did salvage work at some of the last Kate Sheppard housing.

23.06.12. Avon River stop banks, New Brighton Rd & Barkers Ln junction. Quake tilted house right

23.06.12. Liquefaction mud & quake rubble by Kate Sheppard Retirement Village gate, Barkers Ln

23.06.12. Part demolished, Kate Sheppard housing, amidst liquefaction mud, Barkers Ln

23.06.12. Quake broken, boundary wall, Kate Sheppard Retirement Village, New Brighton Rd

There were several red zone, house demolition sites along New Brighton Rd, amidst quake broken, tilted houses, boarded windows, liquefactioned driveways & skewed power poles. 

23.06.12. Red zone house, New Brighton Rd, nr Waygreen Ave

23.06.12. Red zone, Waygreen Ave / New Brighton Rd junction. Avon River stop bank right

23.06.12. Red zone, house demolition site, New Brighton Rd, nr Waygreen Ave

23.06.12. Red zone, boarded house, New Brighton Rd

23.06.12. Quake skewed, power poles, New Brighton Rd, nr Wattle Dr. Avon River stop bank right

A blue, plastic, water pipe snaked along New Brighton Rd pavement, water for the hardy few still existing in the red zone.

23.06.12. Blue, plastic, water pipe on pavement, by quake broken, garden wall, New Brighton Rd

23.06.12. Avon River, swamp reeds growing in red zone garden, New Brighton Rd

Most red zone houses had an Orion, green sticker on a window which read:


23.06.12. Red zone house with green, power-cut sticker on window, New Brighton Rd

23.06.12. Red zone, quake damaged house, New Brighton Rd

23.06.12. Red zone, house demolition site, New Brighton Rd

Some empty properties had letter boxes & garages without housing, due to CERA demolitions. In an overgrown garden, a fallen sign read:

Canterbury Earthquake
Recovery Authority
Red Zone Property Clearance Programme

Better that CERA demolished red zone, empty housing soon, as empty houses attracted hooligans, taggers, thieves, vagrants & arsonists.

23.06.12. CERA, Red Zone Property Clearance sign, by quake trashed house, New Brighton Rd

23.06.12. Red zone, quake trashed house, New Brighton Rd

23.06.12. Red zone, quake trashed, brick letter box, New Brighton Rd

Wainoni Rd Bridge: The footpath was repaired since I'd last wandered by. Quake survivors, Bower Park opp Wainoni Rd Bridge & Jubilee Walk along Avon River stop bank were intact, signs of future, green sustainability of the red zone.

23.06.12. Road sign nr Wainoni Rd Bridge, New Brighton Rd

23.06.12. Post quake, Bower Park bldg, New Brighton Rd, nr Wainoni Rd Bridge

23.06.12. Red zone, Avon River stop bank, downstream view of quake damaged Wainoni Rd Bridge

23.06.12. Red zone, post quake, repaired footpath, Wainoni Rd Bridge / New Brighton Rd

23.06.12. Red zone, Jubilee Walk sign, Avon River stop bank, New Brighton Rd

Dissatisfaction with EQC - a sign on a Bower Ave pole read:

   Tired of waiting
        for EQC?

EQC dealings with claimants & house repairs would be a mess from beginning to infinity. In April 2015, there were still complaints from claimants in The Press about EQC's / Fletcher's shoddy repairs.

23.06.12. Red zone, road signs, Bower Ave / New Brighton Rd junction. Avon River stop bank behind

Bakery on Bower was still open, relocated to Wairakei Rd. Printed & handwritten signs on the bakery window read:

Dear Customer, Bakery
on Bower will be
closing for a while but
Aorangi Bakery is still
open. It is located at
... Wairakei Rd

                      Dear customers,
We have temporary moved to Aorangi Bakery
         ... Wairakei Rd. Bryndwr...
         until Bakery on Bower
premises back up and running.
     We look forward to seeing you in future.
Thank you for your ongoing support.
          Kind regards
                               Serey + Mey

Aorangi Bakery was near our Burnside home. Many quake trashed businesses had relocated to safer suburbs, often far from their original premises.

23.06.12. Post quake, open dairy & closed, relocated bakery, Bower Ave, nr New Brighton Rd

23.06.12. Post quake, relocated business sign, cnr Bower Ave / New Brighton Rd

23.06.12. Red zone, quake trashed, empty house, New Brighton Rd, nr Bower Ave

Some shattered windows along New Brighton Rd were vandalized by stone throwers.

23.06.12. Broken window, red zone house, New Brighton Rd, nr Bower Ave

23.06.12. Quake trashed, red zone house, New Brighton Rd, nr Bower Ave

23.06.12. Quake rubbish, New Brighton Rd

23.06.12. Red zone house by house demolition site, New Brighton Rd

Surfside Veterinary Clinic: Closed since the 22.02.11 quake, New Brighton Rd. Printed & handwritten signs on Surfside Vet Clinic window read:

Surfside Vet Clinic is now closed.
   permanently due to earthquake
All our animals' notes have been
transferred to Our Vets Parklands
and St Albans. Please contact
either Clinic for any help...

Sorry for any inconvenience

Have a great day.


We have closed but
Parklands Vet is fully functional...

Pets were stressed by quakes too. I'd seen many lost pet signs on power poles & shop windows.

23.06.12. Red zone, closed, Surf Side Veterinary Clinic, New Brighton Rd

23.06.12. Red zone garage by house demolition site, New Brighton Rd

Cnr New Brighton Rd / Palmers Rd: Boarded Council bldg, closed since the 22.02.12 quake. The bldg was demolished. I spoke to an old woman awaiting a bus at Palmers Rd cnr: "Houses look worse than what I'd seen months ago." Without a word, she raised her hands & shrugged. House cnrs were often cracked due to quake shaking & twisting.

23.06.12. Red zone, New Brighton Rd by Palmers Rd junction. Avon River stop bank right

23.06.12. Red zone, quake trashed, boarded Council bldg, cnr Palmers Rd / New Brighton Rd. The bldg was demolished

23.06.12. Quake trashed, liquefactioned red zone house, New Brighton Rd

23.06.12. Broken window, red zone house, New Brighton Rd


23.06.12. Liquefaction broken drain, New Brighton Rd. Avon River stop bank right

23.06.12. Red zone, repaired roof, Baker St / New Brighton Rd junction

23.06.12. Quake junk by red zone house, New Brighton Rd

23.06.12. Quake skewed door, red zone house, New Brighton Rd

Cnr New Brighton Rd / Rawson St; Dairy was still open. Telecom booth, still quake-tilted. TEMPORARY ROAD CLOSURE sign by Rawson St cnr, due to sewer renewal on Keyes Rd.

23.06.12. Red zone, Rawson St / New Brighton Rd junction. Avon River stop bank right

23.06.12. Red zone, temp road closure sign, Rawson St

23.06.12. Red zone, Earthquake Contacts sign on power pole, Rawson St

23.06.12. Red zone, quake skewed, telecom booth & open dairy, cnr Rawson St / New Brighton Rd

23.06.12. Quake trashed, liquefactioned, red zone house, New Brighton Rd, nr Rawson St

23.06.12. Red zone, liquefactioned house, New Brighton Rd

23.06.12. House demolition site & red zone house, New Brighton Rd

23.06.12. Red zone, liquefactioned driveway, New Brighton Rd

23.06.12. House demolition site & red zone house, New Brighton Rd

23.06.12. Red zone, liquefaction skewed letter box, New Brighton Rd

Cnr New Brighton Rd / Pratt St: PRE-SCHOOL ANNABEL'S EDUCARE sign on roadside. TEMPORARY ROAD CLOSURE sign on cnr, due to sewer renewal on Keyes Rd.

23.06.12. Red zone, Pratt St / New Brighton Rd junction

23.06.12. Red zone, Annabel's Educare sign & quake trashed drain, cnr Pratt St / New Brighton Rd. Avon River stop bank beyond

23.06.12. Red zone, temp, road closure sign on liquefaction mud, cnr Pratt St / New Brighton Rd

23.06.12. Boarded, braced, red zone house, cnr Pratt St / New Brighton Rd

23.06.12. Red zone, quake fallen, garden wall, New Brighton Rd, nr Pratt St. Avon River stop bank right.


23.06.12. Boarded, red zone house, New Brighton Rd, nr Pratt St

23.06.12. Liquefactioned, red zone house, New Brighton Rd, nr Pratt St

23.06.12. Quake junked, red zone house, New Brighton Rd, nr Pratt St

23.06.12. Liquefactioned driveway & red zone house, demolition site, New Brighton Rd

23.06.12. Liquefactioned, red zone driveway, New Brighton Rd

23.06.12. Red zone, snow & quake trashed garden wall, New Brighton Rd

Six New Brighton Rd flats were closed, near Pages Rd Bridge, with Orion green stickers on windows & skewed front doors. The 22.02.11 quake had tilted & shifted the concrete slab foundation more than a foot in places.

Whatever the thickness of proposed new concrete slab foundations, on so-called, green-blue, TC3 damaged land, I expected in future big quakes, houses would still slide, sink or tilt on sandy soils. Geotech engineers & NZ National govt expecting residents to stay, suffer & repair houses on TC3 land was sadistic. Never mind nearby red zone houses demolished by CERA.

No housing crisis huh?    

23.06.12. Red zone, 6 quake trashed flats, New Brighton Rd, nr Pages Rd

23.06.12. New Brighton Rd, red zone, Avon River, stop bank view of Pages Rd Bridge

Pages Rd Bridge: Some road repairs, but big ski jump bumps on the road at both abutment joins. Bridge sign, New Brighton Rd side read:


Those signs had hung along Avon River banks for months.

11 images, Pages Rd:

23.06.12. Red zone, Polluted Water sign, Pages Rd Bridge

My digital Samsung's lead-crystal went on the blink, so I didn't wander down Pages Rd as planned. Instead I snapped blind pics of Pages Rd, closed shopping centre, incl quake & vandal trashed MAD DOG PIZZA shop & ROBBIE'S BAR & BISTRO. Food signs & ads were frozen in 22.02.11 quake time. The shops & bar were later demolished.

23.06.12. Red zone, quake trashed & & vandalized shop, Pages Rd, nr Avon River. The shop was demolished

23.06.12. Red zone, quake trashed & vandalized Robbie's Bar & Bistro, Pages Rd, nr Avon River. Robbies Bar & Bistro was demolished

Pages Rd side of Avon River: I wandered past vandalized red zone houses along the stop bank, as far as Mitcham Pl & Fordingbridge Ln, where there were more house demolition sites. A pinch-faced woman toting shopping bags passed, no greeting, no eye contact.

23.06.12. Pages Rd red zone, Avon River stop bank view of Pages Rd Bridge 

23.06.12. Red zone, stop bank view of black swan in Avon River, nr Pages Rd Bridge

14 images, Mitcham Pl:

23.06.12. Avon River stop bank view of quake trashed & vandalized, red zone house, nr Mitcham Pl

23.06.12. Avon River stop bank view of part demolished, red zone house, Mitcham Pl

23.06.12. Avon River stop bank view of quake trashed & vandalized, red zone house, Mitcham Pl

23.06.12. Avon River stop bank view of part demolished, red zone house, Micham Pl

23.06.12. Quake trashed & vandalized, red zone garage, Mitcham Pl

23.06.12. Quake cracked, sandbagged stop bank view of Avon River. House was built too close to Avon River

Given all the new graffiti & vandalized glass doors & windows, there were many disaffected people in New Brighton. Over the next few years Christchurch quake ruins would attract more & more vandalism & tagging. The longer CERA delayed demolishing red zone bldgs the more vandalism & tagging abounded. Tagging showed a bldg was abandoned.

At the end of Mitcham Pl, a sign read: 


BS. Avon River stop banks were not dangerous for walkers. CERA, Council & cops dissembled about vandalism of red zone properties. Another sign read:


23.06.12. Red zone, house demolition site, Fordingbridge Ln, nr Avon River

Who were the vandals?


Stone throwers?


CERA / NZ National govt?

*Wandered New Brighton Rd, Pages Rd, Mitcham Pl.

PM Key, Brownlee, Heatley & Sutton could walk in my quake shoes & ask themselves: Could they live in restrictive conditions CERA expected Christchurch citizens to endure?

Opening their eyes, they'd see Avon River forming clean, green, NZ again, amidst liquefaction mud, demolition dust & shattered glass. Plant succession already grew pioneer, swamp reeds in liquefaction mud in abandoned gardens in New Brighton Rd, Waygreen Ave, Wattle Dr... Why were houses built on that Avon River swamp land in the first place?

If NZ National govt / CERA still deluded themselves there was no housing crisis, they could detour off New Brighton Rd again, for a night-time, upriver drive, to see black-hole, riverside houses, 100s of abandoned houses, pot holes, sink holes, flooding, along Locksley Ave, Dallington Tce & River Rd.

Cross Stanmore Rd Bridge & drive down river all the way along Avonside Dr to Avondale Rd Bridge. See 100s more abandoned houses, pot holes, sink holes & flooding. Ghost town! Why were vehicle WOFs harder to pass since the quakes?

Every house in Christchurch was in crisis, whether quake trashed or not. Our Burnside house withstood 10 000+ quakes, so far & shook whenever a quake was mag 4 or more.

Wed 27.06.12. The Press reported that although town clerk Marryatt had pre quakes, under-insured Council assets, councillors had voted an average 7.8% rates increase to pay for a Blueprint Convention Centre, new roofed Stadium, restored Town Hall, 2 repaired, car park garages... Councillors & mayor Parker were crazy bowing to CERA pressure, as they hadn't a clue what insurance pay outs for Council's quake trashed assets would be for quake damaged, Town Hall, Convention Centre, AMI Stadium...

What would Key, Brownlee, Heatley, Sutton & local govt minister David Carter do about that travesty?

Thurs 28.06.12. The Press reported crazy Maori affairs Minister, Pita Sharples advising car dwellers to squat in red zone housing: "If they are living in a car and they are cold they should just occupy one of those houses."

Brownlee's rebuttal: "It is not appropriate for people to squat in red zone houses & it's not appropriate for the minister to make comments like that."

No housing crisis huh? Brownlee & Sharples could drive along Marine Pde & Estuary Rd to Southshore to check out parked cars along New Brighton - Southshore beaches after 11 pm. Appropriate or not, car dwellers were there. While CERA's nearby Rawhiti Domain, temporary housing village was still being built.

Thurs 28.06.12, 9.26 am, 4 mag quake, 10 km depth, 10 km E of Belfast. (GeoNet) Closer to New Brighton. I didn't feel it in Burnside.

The Press, Fri 29.06.12, reported PM Key in housing crisis denial, like ministers Brownlee & Heatley.

Key minimised the housing crisis: "Well I think Gerry Brownlee is right... It is not to say that there aren't individual examples where people are in hardship. There will be, and we actively and strongly encourage them to come to the Government and we will give them support. Reach out to us and we will give you some help."

Key could add up the individual, 7 000+ red zone houses, so far. Red zone housing land was deemed unfit to fix by CERA / National govt. 28 000 green-blue zone, TC3 houses on quake damaged land were deemed fit to fix by CERA / National govt. No housing crisis huh?

Fri 29.06.12, 12.10 pm, mag 4 quake, 10 km depth, 10 km E of Christchurch (GeoNet). Rumbled by at Burnside. Nearer to the epicentre, Leah said it jolted & shook her London St school. Furthest from the epicentre, Luke didn't feel it at Hornby.

With mag 4 quakes there was always the expectation -  Will there be worse? In apartheid & post apartheid SA, for years I was alert to people attacks. In NZ I'd become alert to quake attacks.

Tues 03.07.12. Full moon night, 10.36 pm, mag 7 quake, 230 km depth, 60 km S of Opunake, S Taranaki Bight (GeoNet).

I was in my car, Southshore, waiting for Luke. Felt a small quake, thought it was wind shaking my car. Few minutes later the big quake bounced my car a while. Felt like a mag 4. I thought, "Now I know what New Brighton & Southshore feels in all those quakes." I was ready to jump out of my car parked on a SCIRT refilled excavation, as I thought I may end up in a sink hole.

Leah felt the fore-quake then the big quake at Burnside too. She said, "It rocked our house."

Seismologists missed predicting the Opunake 7 mag quake, felt from Hawkes Bay to Otago. Seismologists were good at recording quakes but useless at predictions. Good at vague statistics & vague advice post quakes, but as useless as Christchurch Council inspectors, structural engineer David Coatsworth, bldg manager John Drew & bldg owner inspecting quake damaged CTV bldg post 04.09.10 quake.

Did oil drilling in the Taranaki Bight, or Mt Taranaki volcano, or Taupo volcano under Lake Taupo have anything to do with the Taranaki quake?

Fri 06.07.12, 3.29 pm, 4.8 mag quake, 11 km depth, 20 km SE of Darfield, near Rolleston (GeoNet). Close to the epicentre, the quake jolted & bounced my car for about 10 seconds, while Luke & I waited at Halswell Junction Rd / Shands Rd traffic lights, Hornby. A loooong 10 seconds.

Further from the epicentre, Leah at her London St school, near the CBD, said the school shook strongly at first, then trembled a while.

Meanwhile Australian govt, tourist advisors warned Aussies against visiting Christchurch due to quake dangers. That got Christchurch, tourist experts in a tizz.

Housing crisis again, Weekend Press, 7-8.07.12 headline: "RENTS UP 26% AS SUPPLY DROPS." 

Brownlee's 24 carat bullshit: "In dollar terms, what does 26 percent increase in Christchurch mean compared to a four percent increase in Auckland!"

Comparing the two cities was stupid, as the further south one went in NZ, the cheaper properties became, especially rural towns. And the smaller wages became too. Given almost total destruction of Christchurch CBD by quakes & CERA demolitions, Christchurch's remaining suburbia had become a matrix of poorly serviced, rural towns.

Never mind Christchurch enduring 1 000s of destructive quakes for nearly 2 years, so far, trashing 1 000s of commercial & residential bldgs & that NZ National govt / CERA had bureaucratically created a housing crisis by red zoning & green-blue TC3 zoning 10s of 1000s of houses for compensation & mainly repairs, without kicking tardy EQC's & insurers' arses to speed up repairs & payments.

To date, there was inadequate, Christchurch, rental housing (some over priced) inadequate housing developments & inadequate, reasonably priced lots for sale on affordable, safe land to replace red zone housing.

Only on Sunday, 08.07.12, 22 months post 04.09.10 quake, was Rawhiti domain, temporary housing opened for public viewing, (20 two bedroom temporary houses) as crazy CERA had wasted months, before starting Rawhiti temporary housing construction.

Only last week did crazy CERA / NZ National govt, rezone most Port Hills, white zone houses to red or green zone, white rezoning still incomplete. So far - 7 200 red zone properties & 28 000 green-blue TC3 properties.

With all the demolitions of red zone & some TC3 properties, without simultaneous rebuilds, there was a housing crisis.

Annette King, Labour's spokeswoman: "There is a housing crisis. The self denial and self delusion from our political leaders [National] is unbelievable. Only a fool would say there is no problem. Unfortunately we have three fools, Mr Key, Mr Brownlee & Mr Heatley." King forgot Mr Sutton & Mr Sharples too.


By Jan 2014, many of the Barkers Ln, Waygreen Ave, Wattle Dr, New Brighton Rd & Mitcham Pl red zone houses had been demolished by CERA. The Pages Rd shops by Pages Rd Bridge were demolished by CERA. There was no talk by CERA of rebuilding any of those demolished red zone shops or houses - anywhere. Those who believed red zoners were carpers & moaners should see quake & CERA red zone devastation along those roads. For a start. There was much more.

Content & pics Copyright Mark JS Esslemont.

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