Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Burwood Dump, Exclusion Zone, Coronial Inquest into CTV Collapse

Wed 17.10.12. Since the 22.02.11 quake, Civil Defence & CERA had dumped 350 000 tonnes of quake rubble at Burwood Dump, er landfill, in Bottle Lake Forest Park. CERA would continue to corrupt NZ's clean green image by dumping another 150 000 tonnes of rebuild rubble at Burwood Dump until 2017. (The Star 21.09.12).

The "rebuild" stat was misleading, as NZ National govt / CERA overrode Christchurch Council & the Resource Management Act to pollute Burwood with shit & quake rubble. There was still a lot of quake rubble to be dumped from slow demolitions in the red zone CBD & 1 000s of red zone house demolitions in the next 5 years.

So far, more than 2 years post 04.09.10 quake, there was little rebuild in the red zone CBD, but CERA boasted about its Christchurch Central Development Unit, CCDU Blueprint for the CBD. Never mind no CERA Blueprint for quake trashed suburbs.

Burwood residents endured ongoing quakes & visual, noise & dust pollution from dump trucks speeding along Burwood Rd, Waitikiri Dr & Landfill Rd to Burwood Dump.

6 images, Bower Ave, Lima Ave:

17.10.12. Bottle Lake Forest view of Bower Ave car park, Parklands & Port hills

I parked my car at the end of Bower Ave by Bottle Lake Forest Park, to see Burwood dump. A logger truck entered Bottle Lake Forest by Bower Ave gate. Logging went on by dunes close to housing. Bottle Lake Forest Park was on dunes, about 800 ha+ area, 4X the size of Hagley Park. It was serviced by logging roads & horse, walking & cycling tracks. Bower Ave & nearby roads were liquefactioned by the 2011 Xmas quake swarm. Many of the houses were TC3 green zoned by CERA. Why were all those houses built on dunes & swamp land?

17.10.12. Logger Truck, Bottle lake Forest Park, Bower Ave - Lima Ave gate

17.10.12. Bottle Lake Forest Park view of Parklands & Port Hills. See liquefaction sand remains, 10 months post 2011 Xmas quake swarm

The board map at the car park had a red zone, EXCLUSION ZONE, on the E side of Bottle Lake Forest Park. I headed for the EXCLUSION ZONE. Since the quakes, over more than 2 years, Canterbury citizens had endured NZ National govt exclusions in many forms.

17.10.12. Bottle Lake Forest Park sign, Lima Ave gate

I wandered down Lima Ave in pine forest, then sidled through the forest towards Pacific dunes, as I wanted to walk around Burwood Dump & snap the mega quake dump.

Leaving the pine forest, I wandered along grassy dune tracks & a bit of Pegasus Bay Track, which I'd done pre-quakes, from North New Brighton to Spencer Park, with views over Pegasus Bay.

From the top of a grassy dune I snapped 6 sucker trucks dumping quake effluent into a Burwood pond a few hundred metres from the beach. Sucker trucks had dumped shit & liquefaction sand, which had clogged broken sewage pipes, ever since the 22.02.11 quake. A liquefaction mud, dump truck drove up the dump hill & a bulldozer stood on top of the hill by a sand heap, ready for cover up.

20 images, Burwood Dump exclusion zone:

17.10.12. Beach dune view of sucker trucks dumping quake effluent & liquefaction sand, Burwood Dump exclusion zone


17.10.12. Beach dune view of liquefaction mud, dump truck, Burwood Dump exclusion zone


17.10.12. Bulldozer rehabilitating Burwood Dump exclusion zone

Signs on a fence read:

         IN PROGRESS
            NO ENTRY

17.10.12. Burwood Landfill sign, E fence, Burwood Dump exclusion zone

Rehabilitation huh?


17.10.12. Burwood Landfill signs, E fence, Burwood Dump exclusion zone

17.10.12. Bottle Lake Forest Sign, E fence, Burwood Dump exclusion zone

            NO ENTRY

17.10.12. Danger No Entry sign, E fence, Burwood Dump exclusion zone

17.10.12. Road signs, E fence, Burwood Dump exclusion zone

If rehabilitation went on why ban public scrutiny? Burwood's effluent dump would belch explosive methane & pollute the Pacific with leachate for decades.

17.10.12. Pegasus Bay Track sign, nr beach & E fence, Burwood Dump exclusion zone

120 images, Burwood Dump exclusion zone:

17.10.12. Quake rubble, 20th Ave, E side, Burwood Dump exclusion zone

Another sign on a fence read:

          BOTTLE LAKE
          FOREST PARK

17.10.12. Locked gate signs, E fence, cnr 20th Ave / Tango Rd, Burwood Dump exclusion zone

17.10.12. Road sign, E border, Burwood Dump exclusion zone

I snapped NO ENTRY & CLOSED signs by a fence near 20th Ave & Tango Rd junction. Public were banned from 20th Ave by rubble dump fencing. I followed a sandy horse trail through the pine forest to see the rubble dump.

17.10.12. Pine Forest, W view, quake rubble dump, Burwood Dump exclusion zone

N, W & E, Burwood rubble dump was bordered by a great loop of pine forest, the guts of the loop logged out, to enable the quake rubble dump. On the S border, 20th Ave, a closed shingle road, cut off the great loop with E & W fencing, locked gates & prohibition signs.

17.10.12. Pine forest, W view, quake rubble dump, Burwood Dump exclusion zone


CERA's quake rubble dump was huge, an undulating hill, consisting of masonry, asphalt, painted wood, tarps, plastic...  Guesstimated dimensions: length - 5 rugby fields; width - 2 rugby fields; height, half a rugby field in places. Like 10 rugby stadiums filled with rubble 50 m high.

17.10.12. Logged pine forest, W view, quake rubble dump, Burwood Dump exclusion zone


Metric guesstimate: Length - approx 500 m; width - approx 200 m; height in places - approx 50 m. A grey hill, too big for my Samsung to snap once, so I did serial pics.

17.10.12. Horse trail, E side, quake rubble dump, Burwood Dump exclusion zone

17.10.12. Logged pine forest, W view, quake rubble dump, Burwood Dump exclusion zone



I followed the horse trail in the pine forest on the E side & N side of the rubble hill. On the E side was a porta-cabin HQ with workmen in orange, Hi Vis vests. Dump trucks dumped & two orange diggers shifted rubble on the rubble hill, dwarfed by the rubble hill.

17.10.12. Horse trail, NE side, quake rubble dump, Burwood Dump exclusion zone

17.10.12. Logged pine forest, NE view, quake rubble dump, Burwood Dump exclusion zone

N side of the rubble dump, more NO ENTRY & CLOSED signs on fencing.

17.10.12. Locked gate, No Entry / Closed signs & border roads, NE cnr, quake rubble dump, Burwood Dump exclusion zone

17.10.12. Logged pine forest, S view, quake rubble dump, Burwood Dump exclusion zone

As the hot nor'wester blew towards me, I thought in a couple of decades, if I hadn't yet died of a heart attack, I would die of asbestosis from Burwood rubble dump. My mouth was gritty from rubble dust flying into the pines.

There was plenty space on dump fringes for more rubble dumping, as pines were chopped down, space for more quake rubble. Pioneer succession weeds already grew on older parts of the dump.

17.10.12. Logged pine forest, E view, quake rubble dump, Burwood Dump exclusion zone

W side of the rubble dump, I wandered a cycle track in the pine forest & went down a side track for a close up view of an older part of the dump, so close I didn't need to zoom pic. A fence surrounded the dump, sandy patrol roads on the border & shingle roads for dump trucks.

17.10.12. Cycle track, W side, quake rubble dump, Burwood Dump exclusion zone

17.10.12. Logged pine forest, E view, quake rubble dump, Burwood Dump exclusion zone

17.10.12. Cycle track / walking track junction, W side, quake rubble dump, Burwood Dump exclusion zone

17.10.12. Pine forest, E view, quake rubble dump, Burwood Dump exclusion zone



17.10.12. Pine forest cycle track, W side, quake rubble dump, Burwood Dump exclusion zone

At 20th Ave, W side locked gate, I watched a dump truck rattling round the cnr to the rubble dump. 2 gate signs read:


17.10.12. Road Closed signs on locked gate, 20th Ave, W side, Burwood Dump exclusion zone

17.10.12. 20th Ave cnr going to quake rubble dump, W side, Burwood Dump exclusion zone

Another sign leaning on the fence read:  


17.10.12. Trucks Crossing sign, 20th Ave, W side, quake rubble dump, Burwood Dump exclusion zone

At 20th Ave / Juliet Rd junction, another fence sign read:


Special huh?

17.10.12. Special Waste sign, Juliet Rd / 20th Ave junction, W side, Burwood Dump exclusion zone

I wandered along Juliet Rd & threw a pine cone for a wandering dog & his man.

17.10.12. Man & dog in pine forest, Juliet Rd, W side, Burwood Dump exclusion zone

17.10.12. Trucks Crossing sign, nr Juliet Rd, W side, Burwood Dump exclusion zone

17.10.12. Road sign, cnr Juliet Rd & Landfill Rd, W side, Burwood Dump exclusion zone

I crossed tar sealed Landfill Rd, dusty, dump truck busy. More CAUTION TRUCKS & SPECIAL WASTE signs & a NO ACCESS sign.

17.10.12. Landfill Rd W, Burwood Dump exclusion zone

17.10.12. Landfill Rd E, Burwood Dump exclusion zone

17.10.12. Juliet Rd, E view, part rehabilitated Burwood Dump exclusion zone

At the end of of Juliet Rd, I skirted the pine forest back to my car. The walk took me 3 hours, many pic stops en route.

17.10.12. SW view along Juliet Rd, W side, Burwood Dump exclusion zone

17.10.12. Border road, W side, Bottle lake Forest Park, nr Bower Ave car park. Parklands house left

Except for efflent dump & rubble dump fencing, Council EXCLUSION ZONE was a misnomer, as I met walkers, joggers, cyclists & dogs along the way. None of the passing dump trucks I saw had covers, so dust flew, polluting Burwood dump, Bottle Lake Forest Park & residential environs. There were no water hoses dampening dust on the rubble dump. That was just for show at Christchurch red zone, CBD demolition sites. So much for CERA's occupational safety & health.

The rubble dump was like pics I'd seen of nuclear blasted, Hiroshima & Nagasaki. Bldgs willfully smashed to smithereens. Or smashed wasteland, post Japan tsunami. With all the fencing & public prohibition signs, the exclusion zone was like a concentration camp - public verboten, guards & contractors only allowed.

What idiots persisted in willfully polluting a pine forest in swamp land with a high water table & winds blowing pollution over forest, swamp, residential areas, beach & Pacific? Close to Pegasus Bay faults which continued to quake. Never mind arsenic, chromium & copper from treated wood, leaching into the water table, poisoning forest, swamp, dunes and Pacific for years. What did ECAN govt appointed commissioners think of all that poison leaching into the water table & the Pacific?

NZ National govt's / CERA's & Council's excuse that there was an urgent need to dump effluent & rubble in Bottle Lake Forest Park, due to quakes, was a load of crap. Where was all the Kiwi conservation & engineering expertise & Kiwi ingenuity to resolve effluent & quake rubble dumping? Where were all the salvage wood operators?

Council sewage boss, Mark Christison's malign words:

"Christchurch has an unprecedented amount of construction and demolition waste to deal with following the earthquakes and our waste water system could not keep going without somewhere to deposit sand from broken pipes." (The Star 21.09.12).

"Somewhere to deposit sand" huh?

As NZ National govt / CERA & Council hid behind the out of sight, out of mind principle, pine tree borders & prohibited roads, Burwood rubble & effluent dumps were ecological disasters, a toxic mix of construction & sewage chemicals.

It was time PM Key's quake recovery minister Brownlee, CERA boss Sutton & sidekick, CCDU boss Isaacs, mayor Parker, town clerk Marryatt, sewage boss Christison got on their bicycles to see the pollution mess NZ National govt / CERA & Council crapped on Burwood neighbourhood, Bottle Lake Forest Park, beach & Pacific. What on earth were they thinking?

Ex Black Caps captain Germon, lobbying to swipe a corner of Hagley Park for cricket test matches should consider Burwood rubble dump as a venue for cricket test matches. There was more than enough quake rubble to form embankments & an international cricket oval in pine forest by the sea.

Meanwhile Peter Townsend, Canterbury Employers Chamber of Commerce boss was "smelling the money" (sic) regarding city rebuild. (Weekend Press 20-21.10.12). Hardly a rebuild. Smell Burwood dump crap Townsend! There were many TC3 houses near Burwood dump Townsend needing rebuild & your attention.

During quake times Townsend made daft statements favouring employers. Another example: In April 2015 Townsend said Christchurch Council should sell all its ratepayer owned libraries to get funds for the quake rebuild. He suggested that Council (former owner of the libraries) should tenant the libraries, enriching the private sector, new owners of course. Corporate welfare again.

17.02.16. The Press reported that Townsend was appointed director of Otakaro Limited, the Crown company taking over after CERA's demise. Another govt minion in the rebuild farce.

Wed 24.10.12. 3.17 am, 4.0 mag quake, 8 km depth, 20 km E of Christchurch. That would've stirred Burwood Dump.

3.40 am, 3.3 mag quake, 2 km depth, 20 km W of Christchurch (GeoNet). Burnside asleep, I didn't feel those early morning quakes.

I returned to Bottle Lake Forest Park, as I wanted to see the SPECIAL WASTE dump. I parked my car at Rothesay Rd car park & wandered along Bravo Rd through pine forest & 28th Ave to Landfill Rd.

55 images, Burwood special waste dump:

24.10.12. Bravo Rd going into Bottle Lake Forest. Rothesay Rd & Burwood housing left

24.10.12. Road signs, 28th Ave / Landfill Rd junction

28th Ave ended at Landfill Rd, leaving no option but to wander Landfill Rd, despite a NO ACCESS sign. Along Landfill Rd to Hotel Rd junction, I counted trucks - 5 dump trucks & 3 sucker trucks passed in 5 minutes. An hour or so later, on my return I recounted, same frequency. In other words 60 dump trucks & 36 sucker trucks passed one point an hour, half the number for return trips, making that a guesstimated 30 dump truck & 16 sucker truck return trips an hour. 

Trucks passing at that frequency for over 2 years since the 04.09.10 quake, carrying shit, liquefaction sand & quake rubble did a lot of quake dumping at Burwood dump. No wonder locals complained.

Down Hotel Rd, I came across Special Waste dump D. CTV bldg rubble & rubble of other lethal bldgs like PGC bldg & unreinforced masonry bldgs was kept there for forensic investigation. PGC bldg, Cambridge Tce, collapsed in the 22.02.11 quake killing 18 people. Unreinforced masonry bldgs collapsed along a short stretch of Colombo St, between St Aspah St & Tuam St crossings, killing 16 people. There were other lethal bldgs around town, their rubble kept at Special Waste dump D.

The CTV bldg collapsed & burned in the 22.02.11 quake, killing 115 people, incl many foreign students, 4 persons' remains were never recovered.

24.10.12. DANGER NO ENTRY sign on exclusion fence, Burwood special waste dump, cnr 21st Ave / Hotel Rd

24.10.12. Berm & Bottle Lake Forest trees, lining hidden Hotel Rd, Burwood special waste dump

24.10.12. 21st Ave view, Burwood special waste dump, Bottle Lake Forest

24.10.12. 21st Ave view, liquefaction sand dump, Burwood special waste dump

24.10.12. Yellow crane & shipping containers, Bottle Lake Forest, Burwood special waste dump

24.10.12. Quake rubble, Bottle Lake Forest, Burwood special waste dump

Burwood special waste dump was logged forest, bordered by pines on 3 sides, funnel shaped with 21st Ave at the funnel bottom, about 250 m long. Hotel Rd, Foxtrot Rd & pines formed funnel sides, each about 500 m long. 20th Ave & pines formed the funnel top, about 500 m long. Burwood special waste dump was surrounded by 3 m high fencing with prohibition signs at cnrs. Inside the fencing, border berms stopped public scrutiny.

After CERA's exclusion not much was left of Foxtrot Rd, as the fence & berm occupied most of the road next to pines. On outside tracks, walkers, dog walkers, joggers & cyclists passed Burwood special waste dump.

24.10.12. 21st Ave view, Burwood special waste dump

I walked round Burwood special waste dump. Near Foxtrot Rd, a yellow crane, fussed over by 3 Hi Vis vested workmen, lifted pipes by shipping containers. Near Foxtrot Rd / 20th Ave / Golf Rd junction, CTV bldg rubble was dumped  - masonry & tangles of rusting, reinforcement rods.

24.10.12. Exclusion fence by pine forest, Burwood special waste dump, cnr 21st Ave / Foxtrot Rd

24.10.12. Exclusion fence & berm, Burwood special waste dump, Foxtrot Rd

24.10.12. Foxtrot Rd view, yellow crane, Burwood special waste dump

24.10.12. Berm & shipping containers, Burwood special waste dump, Foxtrot Rd

*Wandered Bower Ave, Lima Ave, Burwood Dump exclusion zone, Burwood special waste dump.

Royal Commission of Inquiry as to why the CTV bldg collapsed & burned in the 22.02.11 quake: Soon after the quake, CTV rubble was broken up by CBD diggers & moved 10 km+ across town to Burwood Dump. That moved rubble would be useless for forensic investigation.

The coronial inquest showed that cops hadn't a clue about coordinating rescue work at the CTV bldg collapse. Cops buck passed, saying cops controlled cordons, while Fire Service & USAR / TF rescued. As cops already had the 04.09.10 & Boxing Day quakes to practise, cop Price's evasive comments were pathetic.

Why did Civil Defence take so long coordinating rescue of trapped people in CTV bldg rubble? 8 trapped people, who survived the collapse, whose whereabouts was known to rescuers, died due to rescue slowness during aftershocks. Trapped survivors had cell phoned families while trapped in CTV rubble. (One News. The Press 29.10.12).

After USAR / TF arrived, first cop in charge of the CTV rescue, Brooklands blamed USAR / TF for slowing the rescue. Both cops, Price & Brooklands blamed poor radio communications. (The Press 30.10.12).

So much for cop efficiency, USAR / TF search & so-called rescue, structural engineering inquiry & Civil Defence coordination. 

Remember the dead.

24.10.12. Berm & exclusion fence, Burwood special waste dump, Foxtrot Rd

24.10.12. CTV bldg rubble, Burwood special waste dump, Foxtrot Rd

24.10.12. Exclusion fence, Burwood special waste dump, Foxtrot Rd / 20th Ave / Golf Rd crossing

24.10.12. Shared walking & cycling track, by Burwood special waste dump, Foxtrot Rd

24.10.12. CLOSED, NO ENTRY & Bottle Lake Forest signs, Burwood special waste dump, cnr 20th Ave / Foxtrot Rd

24.10.12. Signs, Burwood special waste dump, cnr 20th Ave / Golf Rd

24.10.12. CTV bldg rubble, Burwood special waste dump, 20th Ave

I returned to my car though pine forest via 2 ponds & Juliet Rd.

24.10.12. Cnr 20th Ave / Hotel Rd, nr Burwood special waste dump

24.10.12. Ponds, Bottle Lake Forest, 20th Ave, nr Burwood special waste dump

24.10.12. SPECIAL WASTE sign, 20th Ave / Juliet Rd junction fence

Wed 31.10.12. 9.39 pm, 3.6 mag quake, 8 km depth, 10 km SE of Christchurch (GeoNet). I didn't feel it as I was driving to New Brighton. Leah felt it & heard it rumbling by Burnside & rattling our house.

A poster on Memorial Ave tree, near Russley Golf Club read:


The reverse read:

       DUMP CERA

CERA was obsessed with demolitions & dumping & fixing underground infrastructure like effluent & water pipes, yet CERA wasn't fixing surface structures like roads & buildings. Not even trying to get EQC & insurers to sort our their differences, regarding repairs or rebuilds of homes, businesses & churches.

If Christchurch was to get anywhere post quakes, CERA needed to transcend its demolition / dump / underground mentality into the realms of ethereal rebuild, not EPIC & Convention Centre sheds & tilt slab, concrete boxes.

The Press 08.11.12 reported there were 7 859 red zone, residential properties, 1 269 demolished so far. With all the red zone house demolitions still to go, Burwood dump would be filled with lots more housing rubble.

About a year later, The Press 25.10.13 reported CERA had demolished 38% of red zone residential properties, i.e. 3 021 demolished out of 7 839 properties.

As for NZ National govt assets, NZ govt was mum about what it would do with all the red zone residential land it had taken. As NZ National govt had doled out Crown land to Ngai Tahu tribe as Waitangi settlements in the past, like Wigram Airport, it wouldn't surprise me if NZ National govt doled out large areas of Christchurch red zonings to Ngai Tahu tribe, as more Waitangi settlements. A travesty for those who'd lost their land rights to NZ National govt's red zoning.

The Press 03.11.12: CERA delayed SCIRT payments. CERA wasn't timeously meeting its NZ National govt commitment to Council for payments of SCIRT infrastructure repairs. Another ploy by CERA putting financial pressure on Council to sell assets. So much for "Recovery." Four monkey barrels buggerizing Christchurch - CERA, Council, EQC, insurers.

Meanwhile citizens still endured quake & SCIRT crapped roads. After SCIRT did underground repairs, road surfaces were left in worse condition. Examples: I regularly drove along New Brighton's Estuary Rd by South New Brighton School & along Bowhill Rd & Rookwood Ave, all left a mess after SCIRT's so-called repairs - tar seal patched, lumpy & bumpy, no permanent, smooth tar seal post SCIRT repairs.

The following CTV bldg, coronial inquest extracts were from One News & The Press. Opinions mine:

Thurs 01.11.12. On 22.02.11, Council senior manager & Civil Defence controller Parfitt obstructed an engineer at the Art Gallery, Civil Defence HQ, by insisting he fill in forms for 2 hours+ while people were dying in the collapsed & burning CTV bldg. Frustrated, the man left for the CTV bldg. Parfitt's idea of disaster management was fiddle-farting while people were burnt to death.

Fri 02.11.12. Fireman Berry's contention was that although he was the most senior fireman at the CTV bldg collapse, he wasn't in charge, as he was in USAR / TF uniform, rescuing survivors. Meanwhile burning CTV bldg incinerated collapse survivors. That afternoon, Leah & I smelt burning bodies several kms away at London St. USAR / TF boss Stuart-Black said that on 22.02.11 quake day, there wasn't enough USAR / TF personnel to find all the missing people in Christchurch. Cock ups covered up with jargon like "unprecedented event!"

USAR / TF teams from the North Island, Australia, China, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, USA & UK rushed to Christchurch, but they were too late to save "survivors" trapped in CTV rubble. An Israeli USAR / TF team was rejected. Snag with the CTV rescue efforts was local Fire Service & USAR / TF management dithering.

Why didn't Stuart-Black have enough USAR / TF personnel in Christchurch on 22.02.11 quake day, as it was 5 months post 04.09.10 quake warning & 2 months post 26.12.10 quake warning?

Why were readily available local Response Teams, RT, not used by Civil Defence at the CTV rescue? RT volunteers were all trained in search & rescue.

Those firemen, USAR / TF, cops, Council & Civil Defence had more than enough time to get their acts & command structures together in 04.09.10 & 26.12.10 quakes, both massively destructive. After those quakes, in my wanderings I'd seen many self-important USAR / TF bods wandering around cordoned sites in their natty black overalls. I also saw many cops & NZDF soldiers manning cordon checkpoints.

Civil Defence, cops, Fire Service & USAR / TF hadn't got together between quakes to sort our their inflated egos & sort out command structures during quake disasters. Their stupid disorganization cost lives. Looking at cop pics of the CTV bldg collapse, I saw hordes of Hi Vis jacketed "rescuers" standing around doing nothing. The coronial inquest belied the cop & rescue services hagiography, "Christchurch 22.2 - Beyond the Cordon," published 7 months post 22.02.11 quake.

Mon 05.11.12. Stuart-Black said he didn't call for UN Disaster Assessment & Coordination reinforcements as they weren't necessary. Stuart-Black couldn't make up his mind whether he had enough USAR / TF personnel or not. The coronial inquest showed management blunder upon blunder by cops, Civil Defence, Fire Service & USAR / TF.

Tues 06.11.12. Buck passer Buford, Fire Service area manager passed the buck about CTV site management to minion Berry, who was busy with USAR / TF. Buford passed more buck to his management boss Saunders. Buck passer Buford whined about being confined to the central fire station when he wanted to "have been out there helping the troops." An ineptitude display before families of the CTV dead.

Over the past few months the Royal Commission of Inquiry into collapses of the PGC & CTV bldgs in the 22.02.11 quake & the coronial inquest, proved Kiwis to be buck- passers, blame-shifters & she'll-be-right slackers.

Ass covering by Fire Service & USAR / TF, whining about lack of leadership, training & resources:

Fire Service's Rose: "No one seemed to know who was in charge. We were missing the people at the top... We needed and still need better training. I do not feel we are any better prepared than we were before the earthquake."

USAR / TF squad leader West: "We simply were not set up with enough gear for the size of the event that we experienced in Christchurch."

USAR / TF gear from the North Island was held up by air service & road transport delays. Post 04.09.10 quake & 1 000s of aftershocks, what was gear doing on the North Island when Christchurch was the ongoing quake zone?

Wed 07.11.12. Day of the 22.02.11 quake, Fire Service boss Barclay drove around town, like a blue arsed fly. Barclay drove from Fire Service HQ, Kilmore St to Council bldg, Worcester Blvd, then to Central Police, Hereford St, then drove back to Kilmore St HQ, then drove to USAR / TF HQ at Woolston, away from the CBD.

Barclay didn't appoint a supervisor at the CTV collapse, while the bldg burnt & survivors died. Barclay said he dispatched officers to ECAN & Council. Did Barclay hold their hands too at Council? Barclay's actions & omissions were ineptitude in the face of catastrophe.

Barclay driving to Woolston way beyond the CBD where he was needed was mad. Barclay would've been caught in gridlock traffic, as I was that afternoon, on liquefactioned, quake buckled, cracked, sink holed roads with liquefaction flooding & flooding from broken sewage & water pipes. Most traffic lights were kaput.

Christchurch CBD was small. A walk in any direction from Cathedral Sq would take about 10 mins to get to any one of the 4 Avenues bordering the CBD.

Barclay's Fire Station HQ was well within the 4 Avenues. Firemen were supposed to be mentally & physically fit. Had Barclay walked W from his HQ along Kilmore St, within a minute, he would've passed collapsed Oxford Tce Baptist Church.

A few minutes further W, by Kilmore St / Manchester St cnr, Barclay would've seen collapsed St Lukes Anglican Church. Round the cnr on Cambridge Tce, Barclay would've found collapsed PGC bldg about 5 minutes walk from his HQ.

From his HQ, had Barclay walked S along Madras St, following his nose & the burning smell across Latimer Sq, Barclay would've found collapsed CTV bldg, also about 5 minutes walk from his HQ.

Leaving CTV bldg or PGC bldg, it would've taken Barclay another 5 minutes walk to the Council bldg & Civil Defence HQ in the Art Gallery across Worcester Blvd & Central Police across Hereford St, the other side of the Council bldg. 

Thus from his fire station HQ, Barclay was about 5 minutes walk from collapsed PGC bldg & collapsed & burning CTV bldg & about 10 minutes walk to Central Police, Council bldg & Civil Defence HQ / Art Gallery.

Granted Barclay may have been needed at the Council bldg or the Central Police. Barclay was hysterical, driving to Woolston out of the quake stricken CBD. He behaved like the many tourists & office workers I saw fleeing the CBD, on foot, at Bealey Ave / Madras St cnr & fleeing the CBD, on foot, all along side roads by Bealey Ave & Fitzgerald Ave that quake afternoon.

There was poor coordination between Fire Service & USAR / TF. Fire Service boss Barclay had to drive to Woolston during quake aftershocks to check on USAR / TF staff there, while the CTV bldg was burning. Without effective firefighting leadership at the CTV site, it was poor management by Barclay.

The 22.02.11 quake struck at 12.51 pm. Only at 8.30 pm did senior fire service station officer Whitem take charge of putting out the CTV fire after colleague Berry, busy USAR / TF rescuing, told Whitem to do so. While fire service management dithered, how many trapped people, who'd survived the CTV bldg collapse, were incinerated by the CTV fire before 8.30 pm?

Thurs 08.11.12. Wellington's assistant national commander Fire Service, Brown told the inquest that he regretted not taking command of the CTV site from Whitem. So what did Brown do in Christchurch?

On the day of the quake USAR / TF task force leader Burns was in Templeton & took 2 hours to get to the CTV site. (Usually takes less than half an hour). He had told Berry to to be in charge of on site USAR TF.

So firemen under Whitem were putting out the CTV fire & USAR / TF under Berry were rescuing survivors or looking for bodies. No one was in overall control of coordinating firemen & rescuers.

Fri 09.11.12. More USAR / TF ass covering: Due to NZDF safety checking on 22.02.11, USAR / TF's Binning was miffed by NZDF flight personnel delaying flights of USAR / TF personnel & 15 tonnes of USAR / TF equipment from Auckland to Christchurch.

Auckland Fire Service area manager, Binning should explain why USAR / TF equipment was on the North Island when Christchurch had already experienced 5.5 months of quakes before the lethal 22.02.11 quake? Like other Christchurch authorities, there was complacency about quake dangers, as no one was killed before the 22.02.11 quake. Business as usual by businesses & crap planning, organizing & controlling by Fire Service & USAR / TF.

USAR / TF & Fire Service management were complacent too. They hadn't absorbed seismologists' information that big quakes would continue for years post 04.09.10 quake. Newspapers were full of that information post 04.09.10 quake.

Given coronial inquest findings, Fire Service & USAR / TF managements were egregious. Inquest shown deficiencies by USAR / TF & Fire Service managements, caused subordinates to be let down in their efforts to save survivors of the CTV collapse. There may have been some heroes amongst subordinates doing their jobs with crap equipment, but there were no heroic managers, just buck passers, ass coverers & whiners.

CTV collapse & burn - 115 dead, many nationalities. Remember the dead.

Tues 04.12.12. After resumption of the inquest, 22 months post 22.02.11 quake, Fire Service operations & training director McGill belatedly apologised to the families of the CTV dead. McGill acknowledged management coordination cock ups. It needed an inquest & bravery of widower Cvetanov demanding the truth before an apology was made. On 22.02.11, cops at the CTV site had threatened to arrest Cvetanov while he tried to find his trapped wife.

USAR / TF also had pathetic excuses, blaming faulty camera equipment & poor funding. Never mind the 5 months warning for USAR / TF & the Fire Service to get their acts together post 04.09.10 quake. (The Press 05.12.12).

Wed 05.12.12. McGill confirmed cop & Fire Service management muddle at the CTV collapse: "What I've seen from the evidence is lack of clarity 12 hours later or longer about who was the incident controller. That indicates to me that somehow that baton got dropped. Police thought that baton transitioned to fire and fire thought it was still with police.

I'm not blaming anybody, but with the pressure of the situation, that formality which is necessary to hand that baton over did not occur." While cops & Fire Service dithered for more than 12 hours about who was overall boss at the CTV site, at least 8 survivors of the initial collapse were burnt & crushed.

It would be interesting to know cop management's response to that expedient finger-pointing by McGill.

A US fire chief, who trained a Christchurch USAR / TF team in 1995, said there were 13 fire chefs in Christchurch at the time of the CTV collapse, but no one took control of the CTV site. Quake disaster, then Civil Defence / cop / fire / USAR / TF management disaster.

There was little overarching management amongst Civil Defence, cops, Fire Service USAR / TF & RT. Hopefully in the next big quake, the rest of NZ would benefit from reviewed management cock ups in Christchurch.

In response to cop, Fire Service & USAR / TF cock ups in the 22.02.11 quake, NZ National govt / CERA designed the Blueprint, Justice & Emergencies Services precinct, one bldg between Lichfield St & Tuam St. A target for terrorists. 2015-16. The Blueprint, Justice & Emergency Services precinct was built.


The Weekend Press 26-27.10.13 reported that Burwood dump had a recovernator plant which recycled quake dump waste. The recovernator functioned since May 2013.

In early 2014 Luke was laid off his joinery job in the CBD, as the joinery business was demolished & relocated to Hornby, to enable the CCDU Blueprint, Metro Sports Facility in the CBD.

Luke joined Silvan Salvage, their logo, "Teaching old logs new tricks." Before demolishers demolished red zone houses & commercial bldgs, Luke & buddies salvaged as much wood as possible, as well as other salvage items, saving it from Burwood dump.

Silvan Salvage leased land on Dyers Rd, built storage sheds & sold salvage items on Trade Me. When I visited Silvan Salvage yard in Dec 2014, Luke showed me heaps of salvaged matai & rimu. It would be used as recycled table tops.

Content & pics Copyright Mark JS Esslemont.

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