Monday, October 29, 2012

SA Dispatch, October 2012

In response to my observation that SA mining strikes were ongoing, after SA cops shot dead 34 striking miners at Marikana Mine on 16 August, Alleman's October 2012 dispatch:

"Jup we have had a month of strikes. They seem to be slowly coming to an end. Combination of complex issues:

1. Everything going up. Electricity, food, petrol. Low earners becoming short of cash.
2. People making too much debt. Cannot service.
3. Too many lending from illegal money lenders.
4. Lack of education by mine workers. Because they are now ignorant they are being incited by opportunists.
5. Opportunists like Malema, SA Socialist Party.
6. Loss of legitimacy of NUM (mine workers union).
7. Perception that management (especially whites) are unfairly "rich."
8. "Caving" of Implats. Upped salaries. Created perception that everyone going on strike will receive "rich" wages. Implats was immediately followed by rest of platinum, gold, coal, truck drivers [unions].
9. Harbour, personnel, municipal police and municipal workers now want to strike.

There is no relationship in SA between input and output. Recent survey showed that government workers were already earning 140 percent of some jobs in private sector. Productivity in the private sector was 400 percent higher for the same jobs in government.

Because the government education system has basically imploded in the last 10 years, society is being filled with half educated, ignorant people who will believe any nonsense.

Both the Eastern Cape and Northern Transvaal (Limpopo) have been placed under administration from the central government, as they have descended into chaos. That is why our poor private school is helping a government school on the platteland where there is low output, but teachers are earning huge salaries (compared to us)."

ANC slogan "Kill the farmer, kill the Boer" pertained to crime stats in SA. ANC's disgraced bully boy Malema had regularly incited white genocide by singing that ditty, ongoing since the 1990s during apartheid's demise. An ongoing court case in SA had forbidden Malema singing that song, so he altered it to "Kiss the Boer..."

SA cops were congratulating themselves for reducing dubious crime stats. Example: Reducing annual murders - 25965 murders p.a. 1994/95, to 15940 murders p.a. 2010/11 (South Africa News) to 15609 murders p.a. 2011/12 (SAPS).

15609 murders p.a. in SA!

ANC's Rainbow Nation, fascist utopia:

Since 1994, SA had transformed itself from white apartheid to black apartheid, from white nationalism to black nationalism, from white fascism to black fascism, from white police state to black police state, from white affirmative action to black affirmative action, from white corruption to black corruption, from poor whites - rich whites to poor blacks - rich blacks, from white racism to black racism, from white xenophobic killings to black xenophobic killings, from white on white violence & white on black violence to black on black violence & black on white violence.
Blaming whites for ongoing violence in SA was risible. Violence was ongoing in SA before apartheid & continued after apartheid. And we all knew who was responsible for that.

Copyright Mark JS Esslemont. 

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