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Sunday 12.09.10. Day 9 after Christchurch Quake continued

Sunday 12.09.10. Day 9 after Christchurch Quake continued: CBD shrunken state of emergency cordon.

After Christchurch quake state of emergency went for a week, on Sunday morning Leah attended the interdenominational service in Cathedral Sq. Christ Church Cathedral was closed to the public, as it was being inspected for quake damage, post 4 Sept 7.1 magnitude quake.

Leah bought home a service pamphlet which read:

                                                     FROM THE DEAN

We give thanks to God that despite all the traumatic devastation to properties and infrastructure there has been no loss of life. Our prayers are with all those who have lost their homes, whose homes and possessions have been damaged. We will all grieve their loss and for the loss of so many of our heritage buildings throughout the city. Most of all though our prayers are with each one of us as we deal with trauma that has hit us all.

What is most important now is that we reach out and care for one another in the best way we can. We need to talk to one another about what has happened; we need to reach across to our neighbours and offer support, food, cups of tea, fresh water... whatever. We also need to be aware that we are all feeling the emotional fall out from what has happened and seek to be understanding and patient with each other.

The Cathedral Visitors Centre has been reorganised into a drop in centre, where people may come in for tea / coffee, chat, and prayers on the hour.

We will have priests on duty from 9.30 am to 5 pm each day. The Francis Room has been converted into a simple chapel and we will continue with our regular daily communion service there on weekdays at 12.05 pm.

... We are still working on arrangements for regular Sunday services and the special services planned for the next few weeks. Keep an eye on our website or call the Cathedral on...

When the aftershocks subside, engineers will make another detailed examination.

We offer to God our full human response - disbelief, anger, sorrow and gratitude for the resilience of our communities. May God bring peace and hope into or troubled hearts so we may bring comfort to those in need.                                                  Peter Beck
Post 2011 quakes, Beck would briefly become a councillor, then retired. I loathed the word resilience, as every Tom, Dick & Mary used it to describe Christchurch citizens during & after quakes. Especially lazy media journalists.

12.09.10. Message From The Dean, Christ Church Cathedral, interdenominational service, Cathedral Sq, state of emergency. Post 2011 quakes, the dean briefly became a councillor, then retired.

Late that Sunday afternoon we wandered a mini cordon around quake damaged Manchester St, pivoting around quake damaged Manchester Courts. The absence of scowling cops & NZDF soldiers at plastic tapes, plastic barriers, road cones & metal fences enabled us to view quake damage without intrusive, unfriendly surveillance, despite CBD surveillance cameras.

Never mind the ugly, overbearing cop hut in Cathedral Sq outside Christ Church Cathedral & Hereford St Central cop shop.

Leah sat for a pic on a trailer advertising the Rugby World Cup 2011. The trailer countdown board read:

    51            4           21              41

              COUNTDOWN TO
       RUGBY WORLD CUP 2011

The 22.02.11 quake would stop Rugby World Cup 2011 matches in Christchurch.

Mingling, we wandered Cathedral Sq, Colombo St & High St, then wandered the mini Manchester St cordon via Cashel St & Latimer Sq back to our car in Madras St.

Colombo / Hereford St / High St crossing, a sign on Hanafins door read:


               OWN RISK


Some shops closed for safety reasons, some stayed open for business. It was a fools' paradise between non fatal & fatal quakes.

Wandering up Cashel St to our car, we passed the CTV bldg, unaware that in the 22.02.11 quake, the CTV bldg would collapse & catch fire, killing 115 people. Across Cashel St, CTV bldg was reflected in the glass windows & doors of Inland Revenue bldg.

4 images, Cathedral Sq:

12.09.10. Quake damaged paving, Cathedral Sq, state of emergency

12.09.10. Only 51 weeks to Rugby WC 2011, Cathedral Sq, state of emergency. RWC fixtures were relocated from Christchurch to other NZ venues, after the 22.02.11 quake trashed Christchurch AMI Stadium & hospitality venues, like hotels, pubs & restaurants

12.09.10. Chess players, Cathedral Sq, state of emergency. Christ Church Cathedral was trashed by the 22.02.11 quake & later 2011 quakes.

12.09.10. Cathedral Sq refreshments after rubbernecking, state of emergency. Asbestos riddled BNZ behind was part demolished post 22.02.11 quake

4 images, ColomboSt:

12.09.10. No cops & NZDF soldiers at Sunday afternoon cordon, cnr Colombo St / Hereford St, state of emergency. Hotel Grand Chancellor & Stook sculpture behind bus. Most bldgs in the pic were demolished post 22.02.11 quake. The Stook sculpture survived the 2011 quakes

12.09.10. Hot pants or a dress? Colombo St fashions, state of emergency

12.09.10. Hanafins door, Colombo St / Hereford St / High St crossing, state of emergency. The bldg was demolished post 22.02.11 quake

12.09.10. Quake notice on Hanafins door, cnr Colombo St / High St, state of emergency

8 images, Cashel St:

12.09.10. USAR / TF yellow graffiti on Kebab Masters window, Cashel St, state of emergency. The bldg was demolished post 2011 quakes

12.09.10. Cashel St / Manchester St crossing, north view of deserted Manchester St cordon by Manchester Courts, while Kiwi Thinking evolved, state of emergency. Most bldgs in the pic were demolished post 2011 quakes

12.09.10. Quake damaged Cashel St shops, state of emergency. The bldg was demolished post 2011 quakes

12.09.10. DANGER quake damaged shops, Cashel St, west view, state of emergency. All bldgs in the pic were demolished post 2011 quakes, becoming part of CERA's Blueprint E Frame

12.09.10. Quake fenced bldg, Cashel St, E view, state of emergency. Inland Revenue bldg right survived the 2011 quakes. Some bldgs on the left were demolished post 2011 quakes, the area becoming part of CERA's Blueprint E Frame

12.09.10. Quake toppled bricks, Cashel St alley, state of emergency. Mid right is part of the CTV bldg, which collapsed & burned in the 22.02.11 quake, killing 115 people. Bldgs on the right were demolished post 2011 quakes, becoming part of CERA's Blueprint E Frame

12.09.10. Green stickered Inland Revenue bldg, Cashel St, state of emergency. CTV bldg was reflected in IR glass doors. In the 22.02.11 quake, 115 people died when the CTV bldg collapsed & caught fire. CTV ruin was soon demolished, becoming part of CERA's Blueprint E Frame

Corner Cashel St / Madras St, a sign on green stickered, Inland Revenue's glass door read:

Christchurch earthquake -- message to our customers

Inland Revenue's Christchurch building has been affected by the Saturday morning earthquake. It is not yet known when it will be reopened. Inland Revenue is working to ensure that processes normally handled by the Christchurch office will be directed to other centres.

Inland Revenue wants to assure all customers that if you are due a payment from us, it will go through. Customers do not need to contact Inland Revenue. We will keep you updated via www...

Christchurch earthquake -- message to Inland Revenue staff

To staff in Christchurch - we hope you and your families are alright following the Saturday morning earthquake.

Our Christchurch building will not be open on Monday. Christchurch staff are advised not to try to come to work on Monday. A staff hotline has been set up on... It will be updated again from 10 am Monday.

John Goulter / Group Manager Corporate Affairs / Inland Revenue...

12.09.10. Inland Revenue quake notice, IR bldg, Cashel St, state of emergency

Behind CTV bldg, cnr Madras St / Hereford St, Arrow Bldg had the following rapid assessment sticker on a glass door which read:

Project Name: ARROW BUILDING...
Date: 7/9/10

Work Reviewed:


Observations and Comments:




In future, that sort of rapid assessment of bldgs would be castigated by the Royal Commission of Inquiry, as it gave wriggle room for engineers & bldg owners to shift blame & do nothing. Post 22.02.11 quake, Arrow bldg would be demolished.

3 images, Latimer Sq:

12.09.10. Bldg inpsector's notice, Latimer Sq bldg, state of emergency

12.09.10. Latimer Sq / Worcester St Sunday evening cordon, no cops, no NZDF soldiers, state of emergency. Background: Christ Church Cathedral tower toppled in the 22.02.11 quake. Some of the bldgs were demolished post 2011 quakes

12.09.10. Quake damaged business parking, cnr Madras St / Gloucester St, state of emergency. The bldg was demolished post 2011 quakes

* Wandered Cathedral Sq, Colombo St, Cashel St, Latimer Sq.


Mark: Leah went to a service in Cathedral Sq yesterday. Chch cathedral was considered too unstable for the service to be held inside. As many old brick & stone churches were damaged in the quake, congregations now share venues. September 13 at 1.31 pm.

Wayne (RSA): Thanks for the updates Mark. We are really not receiving much coverage in the media. Is this likely to have much negative impact on RWC 2011 or is it too early to tell? September 13 at 5.19 am.

Mark: I doubt it Wayne. Took a pic of Leah in Cathedral Sq later that Sunday where a digital countdown clock counts the weeks, days, hours, mins to RWC 2011 - 51 weeks to go. Most of NZ stadiums are ready. Lots of dummy run matches going on in NZ, security checks, road controls, fan controls, etc. Chch AMI Stadium was undamaged by the quake, so RWC 2011 is full on here. 1000s of workmen & bldg inspectors roaming Chch, checking, demolishing, repairing & building.

[Christchurch AMI Stadium & hospitality industry were trashed in the 22.02.11 quake, so RWC fixtures were relocated elsewhere in NZ].

Chch motivation now is to rebuild asap & rebuild a better, safer Chch after demolitions of condemned bldgs. Watched a Manchester St bldg being demolished this morn in the CBD. A digger just banged it to bits, then scraped up rubble for haulage away.

ABs used the quake to come back & beat Wallabies in last weekend's match, as some ABs come from Canterbury. Saw No. 8 Read (winning try scorer) on Papanui Rd yesterday with a huge smile on his face, not affected by the quake damage around him. Put a smile on many quake sufferers too. Nothing more satisfying than beating Aussies & without Carter too. Weepu did well kicking. Another aftershock while typing, ongoing. September 14 at 11.54 am.

Mark: Long time MP little Jim Anderton can't make up his little mind: Before Chch quake, little Jim wanted to be MP AND Chch mayor. Now that Chch Council elections are coming, little Jim has decided IF elected mayor he'll resign as MP. After all the hard quake work was done by incumbent mayor Parker. September 13 at 1.38 pm.

[Mayor Parker was re-elected, & Anderton announced he would retire from parliamentary politics in 2011. Post 22.02.11 quake, little Jim became a Crusader to save Christ Church Cathedral].

Mark: "A special commission to direct earthquake recovery work in Canterbury will be announced today" (The Press). Needed as I'm tired of state of emergency military, cops & Civil Defence throwing their weight around, making undemocratic decisions, & to stop time consuming squabbling by Christchurch, Selwyn & Waimakariri Councils. September 13 at 1.46 pm.

Mark: Took Leah to Ground Zero, Manchester St, cordoned off for days, behind Christchurch Cathedral. The cordon protected radio & TV bldgs, an old brick jewellery shop (now demolished) & cracked, shattered Manchester Courts brick bldg. [Soon demolished]. Leah posed by a burnt out bldg in Worcester St where PM Key & mayor Parker had posed a week ago. September 13 at 2.27 pm.

Content & pics Copyright Mark JS Esslemont.

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