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24 Carat Bullshit, Red Zone Swamp Succession

Tue 10.07.12. Over the last month there'd been lots of 24 carat bullshit spouted by politicians about Christchurch post quake housing crisis. Also professionals protecting their own skins & colleagues' skins at the Royal Commission of Inquiry, spouted 24 carat bullshit as to why the CTV bldg collapsed in the 22.02.11 quake, killing 115 people.

Christ Church Cathedral: Ex politician & wannabe Christchurch mayor Anderton had commissioned structural engineers Stefano Pampanin, Robert Davey & Adam Thornton to produce a Save the Cathedral scheme, recommending mine prop methods to prop up Christchurch Cathedral while it was restored.

Snag was that Anderton & his heritage fanatics said nothing about who would pay for their grand restoration scheme.

I'd worked at 2 De Beers mines in SA - Kleinzee opencast & Koffiefontein underground & I'd never seen mine prop methods as shown in The Press front page article.

Anderton & his heritage fanatics ignored the fact that many quake-ruined, dangerous Christchurch churches were already demolished post quakes: Sydenham Heritage Church, Brougham St (in Anderton's electorate); St Johns Anglican, Latimer Sq; Durham St Methodist (3 quake deaths); St Lukes Anglican, Manchester St; Cambridge Tce Baptist; RC Cathedral (deconstructed) Barbadoes St; St Pauls Trinity Pacific Presbyterian, Madras St; St Marys Anglican, Church Ln; Avonside Trinity Anglican, Lychgate Cl; St Athanasios Coptic, Edgeware Rd. And more.

Where were Anderton & his fanatics when those churches were demolished? Anderton & his engineers couldn't see that if all those churches, mostly built on Avon River swamp land, were quake destroyed, how did they think ruined Christ Church Cathedral, built on Avon River swamp land, could survive restoration or rebuild and future earthquakes? And what astronomical costs?

Never mind post quake eyesores - fence cordoned, boarded, weedy ruins - constant reminders of quakes: Knox Presbyterian, Bealey Ave & Chinese Methodist, Papanui Rd... (Knox Church was restored. Chinese Methodist was demolished & rebuilt).

All Anderton & fanatics offered was a dangerous, restored ruin on a bog.

Not a peep from Anderton & his fanatics about many Cantabrians forced to live in post quake squalor, due to tardy EQC, insurers & CERA, some forced to beg from Salvation Army & other charities.

CTV bldg collapse: Structural engineers Clark Hyland & Ashley Smith, at the Royal Commission of Inquiry, blamed design faults for CTV bldg collapse. Theirs' was a pass-the-buck routine we'd heard in other Commission of Inquiry hearings: Don't blame us structural engineers. Blame designers, architects, builders...

Regarding CTV bldg vibrations "due to nerves" insult by eggheads Hyland & Smith, I'd never entered the CTV bldg post 04.09.10 & Boxing Day quakes, but I could vouch for many aftershock-like vibrations when trucks or buses passed me on quake damaged roads, or diggers hammering quake damaged bldgs during post quake demolitions. Hollow earth jolts, always startling.

I suggest those 2 eggheads visit Leah's London St school for a day or two & declare that all the fearful vibrations she felt, other staff felt & school kids felt, during quakes & quake-like vibrations caused by passing heavy traffic, were just their imaginations.

Those 2 eggheads opined that demolishers trashing next door Les Mills gym with a non consented wrecker ball did not affect CTV bldg, despite complaints by CTV bldg workers that the CTV bldg shook due to wrecker ball thumpings.

I'd suggest those 2 eggheads stood next to an old bldg, as I had done several times, & watched a demolition in progress, with a digger or 2, or 3 bashing a bldg & reconsider their ridiculous opinions. I bet they wouldn't linger.

Tue 10.07.12, 11.32 pm, mag 4.5 quake, 11 km depth, 10 km SW of Christchurch (GeoNet). Rattled our windows & shook our house as it rumbled by.

Wed 11.07.12. I was curious for a closer look at swamp plant succession off New Brighton Rd, sunk by quakes, near Avon River, raised by quakes, where I'd already seen swamp reeds invading red zone gardens.

Post Xmas quakes 2011, I'd wandered some New Brighton roads, so I returned to wander red zone roads & abandoned housing, a short circuit walk along Waygreen Ave, Atlantis St, Wattle Dr & New Brighton Rd. There I wouldn't have to endure 24 carat bullshit, despite sewage flooded, liquefaction mud.

It was a good wander to test my new Samsung, digital camera, 10x zoom, as weeks ago my other Samsung digital camera died in New Brighton by Avon River. So far since the 04.09.10 quake, during my quake wanderings, I'd worn out 3 digital cameras & 3 pairs of jandals.

More seriously, Leah's school had suffered 2 liquefactions & diggings out of liquefaction mud during 22.02.11 & 13.06.11 quakes & wore out 3 teachers over that time. Leah on-the-job trained 2 Pom replacement teachers. Never mind day to day teaching stresses & dealing with frightened kids during aftershocks & heavy traffic shaking the London St school when passing. After leeching leah's brains, the Pom teachers left, better pay elsewhere.

New Brighton Rd: Council had widened Avon River stop bank to surround power poles, opp Waygreen Ave & beyond to Anzac Bridge. I stood on the stop bank, seeing distant Port Hills, & the tide rising on Avon River. New Brighton Rd was below high tide level, flooding stopped by the stop bank. I snapped upstream views of Anzac Bridge & downstream views of Wainoni Rd Bridge.

25 images, Waygreen Ave:

11.07.12. Liquefactioned, abandoned house, Waygreen Ave

Squalid roads I wandered were in as bad states of repairs as I'd seen months ago - pot holed, rutted, muddy, scummy gutters & muddy pavements. There was only one portaloo along Waygreen Ave, showing most red zoners had left.

11.07.12. Red stickered, liquefactioned, abandoned house. Swamp reeds growing in garden, Waygreen Ave

Blue, plastic, water pipes & green, plastic, sewage tanks remained on liquefactioned pavements. Houses were abandoned & there were several muddy, demolition sites.

Waygreen Ave & Atlantis St were deserted - muddy, flooded wasteland, reverting to Avon River swamp land. Those destroyed streets epitomised the stupidity of building houses & roads on quake prone, swamp land.

11.07.12. Liquefactioned house, demolition site, Waygreen Ave

11.07.12. Liquefactioned, abandoned house, Waygreen Ave

11.07.12. Green portaloo on liquefaction cleared, Waygreen Ave. Port Hills backdrop

11.07.12. Liquefactioned, abandoned house, Waygreen Ave

11.07.12. Quake junk, Waygreen Ave

11.07.12. Liquefactioned house, demolition site, Waygreen Ave

11.07.12. Liquefactioned, abandoned house, Waygreen Ave

Atlantis St cnr: Kate Sheppard Retirement Village, back gate was locked, a green skip behind the gate. One Atlantis St house was fence cordoned, other houses were abandoned.

11 images, Atlantis St:

11.07.12. Swamp reeds growing on liquefactioned pavement, cnr Waygreen Ave / Atlantis St

11.07.12. Liquefactioned, abandoned house & swamp reeds growing in garden, Atlantis St

11.07.12. Post quakes, green, plastic, sewage tank, Atlantis St

11.07.12. Locked back gate & green skip, liquefactioned, abandoned, Kate Sheppard Retirement Village, Atlantis St

11.07.12. Fence cordoned, liquefactioned, abandoned house, Atlantis St

11.07.12. Quake cracked, garden wall, Atlantis St

35 images, Wattle Dr:

11.07.12. Liquefaction cleared cnr Atlantis St / Wattle Dr

Atlantis St / Wattle Dr junction: 3 house demolition sites. Towards Avon River, Wattle Dr was still badly liquefactioned with many quake damaged, sunk, tilted houses - abandoned. A young man stood by his gate glaring at me. "Reeds are taking over here," I said. "The road's reverting to swamp land." He continued glaring as I wandered by. I pitied him, slumming in muddy, liquefaction hell.

11.07.12. Liquefactioned house demolition site, Atlantis St / Wattle Dr junction

11.07.12. Quake junk, liquefactioned house demolition site, Wattle Dr

11.07.12. Liquefactioned, abandoned house, Wattle Dr

11.07.12. Liquefactioned, abandoned garage, Wattle Dr

11.07.12. Boarded & wood braced wall, liquefactioned, abandoned house, Wattle Dr. Swamp reeds growing in garden

11.07.12. Blue water pipe buried in liquefaction mud, abandoned house, Wattle Dr

11.07.12. Letter box wall buried in liquefaction mud, by blue water pipe, Wattle Dr

11.07.12. Blue water pipe before quake abandoned house, Wattle Dr

11.07.12. Liquefactioned, abandoned house, Wattle Dr

11.07.12. Swamp reeds growing in garden, liquefactioned, abandoned house, Wattle Dr


11.07.12. Liquefactioned, abandoned garage, Wattle Dr

11.07.12. Blue water pipe & rubbish bins on liquefaction cleared Wattle Dr. Port Hills back drop

11.07.12. Liquefactioned, abandoned house, Wattle Dr

11.07.12. Quake trashed, iron gate & void under liquefactioned, concrete driveway. Abandoned house, Wattle Dr

11.07.12. Liquefactioned, abandoned house, Wattle Dr

A red zoner's cry, tagged on a Wattle Dr, garage door:



Swamp reeds grew in unkempt gardens of all 3 roads I wandered. Why were houses built on Avon River swamp land in the first place? Reed Dr was a more apt name for Wattle Dr.

11.07.12. Swamp reeds growing in garden of liquefactioned, abandoned house, Wattle Dr

*Wandered Waygreen Ave, Atlantis St, Wattle Dr.


Jan 2014. Many of the red zone houses along Waygreen Ave, Atlantis St & Wattle Dr had been demolished by CERA. All that was left - a few abandoned houses, weedy demolition sites & more swamp reeds. There was no talk by CERA of rehousing its red zone, swamp land.

Content & pics Copyright Mark JS Esslemont.

See CTV: Current quake standard may be short - engineer (The Press / Stuff Co).

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