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Broken Glass, Bexley Red Zone, Royal Commission, CTV Collapse

14 images, Pages Rd:

12.07.12. Pages Rd Bridge seen from New Brighton Rd

12.07.12. Avon River, upriver view from Pages Rd Bridge. Sandbagged stop bank left, New Brighton Rd beyond stop bank right

12.07.12. Pages Rd Bridge, downriver view of Port Hills & Mt Evans. Banks Peninsula beyond

12.07.12. Pages Rd Bridge, downriver view of Avon River stop bank & Wairoa St, house demolition site. Port Hills beyond

12.07.12. Quake trashed, Pages Rd Bridge abutment wall by Owles Tce

Thurs 12.07.12. I continued wandering from Pages Rd Bridge along Avon River stop bank. My weeks-ago wander was interrupted when my Samsung camera had died.

With my new Samsung, I snapped broken glass where vandals had thrown stop bank stones at abandoned red zone house windows & doors. Some doors & windows were shattered by quakes, but star splintering on toughened glass were stone-thrower giveaways.

And why should cops chase stone-throwing vandals? After all, CERA vandals would demolish red zone houses with little salvage work done. Demolished red zone houses were just dumped at Burwood Dump, Bottle Lake Forest Park. (In 2014 Luke would convert his builder / joiner training & work experience into red zone, salvage work).

I wandered along the sandbagged & quake cracked stop bank to liquefactioned Jack Hinton VC Reserve. Looking downriver from the Reserve, I saw that high tide, Avon River was above Bexley Rd level, hence all the flooding & liquefaction at Bexley Rd & Waitaki St by serial quakes.

12.07.12. Avon River, stop bank view of broken window, abandoned house, red zone Bexley

12.07.12. Avon River, stop bank view of quake trashed garage, red zone Bexley

20 images, Bexley Rd:

12.07.12. Avon River, stop bank view of house demolition site, red zone Bexley Rd

12.07.12. Red zone Bexley, Avon River, down river view of stop banks. New Brighton Rd left

12.07.12. Jack Hinton VC Reserve, stop bank, downriver view of Avon River level above Bexley Rd right


12.07.12. Jack Hinton VC Reserve, memorial plaque by Avon River

Why had Council planned & consented all those houses in Bexley swamp land next to Avon River? Quake shaking, liquefaction & flooding had ruined the lot. Finished off by vagrants, stone-throwers & CERA vandals.

I circled back to Pages Rd Bridge via serial, quake trashed, Bexley Rd, Waitaki St & Pages Rd.

Bexley Rd: As badly liquefactioned as I'd seen it months ago - ruined, abandoned houses, interspersed by new, demolition sites. Gardens were overgrown, liquefaction mud everywhere, some tree branches were broken by recent snow. Four inspectors, wearing yellow, hard hats & orange, Hi Vis vests & toting clipboards, wandered along the muddy pavement, checking abandoned, red zone housing.

12.07.12. Quake trashed house, awaiting demolition, red zone, Bexley Rd

A sign on a Bexley Rd, demolition house window read:

Strictly No Unauthorised Access!
      Trespassers Prosecuted!
This Dwelling and all Salvage
Materials are Property of Southern

Any Unauthorised Removal of
Property will be Treated As Theft!...

If any Suspicious Behaviour is seen please
contact the Police: Phone 111

Southern Response insurer was quick to demolish & protect its salvage materials, using cop scare tactics, but slow to settle with claimants. Southern Response would become notorious amongst claimants as "Southern No Response."

Later on, insurers would blame slow EQC's muddling for years, deciding on over cap housing claims for insurers' slow responses to claims. EQC had to first sort out under cap $100 000 claim repairs via Fletchers & pass on over cap $100 000 repairs, or rebuilds to insurers. If EQC was slow, insurers dealing with over cap settlements would be slower, as insurers had to wait for EQC's muddling to finish. Never mind home owners' frustrations, forced to wait for muddling EQC's & tardy insurers' shenanigans.

Meanwhile lawyers circled, waiting for irate home owners to demand court rulings for EQC's & insurers' delays. Group actions pending... April 2015, Auckland lawyers, Crossland & Sheppard, held a meeting in Christchurch, for irate homeowners wanting group action against tardy insurers, lacking "good faith" resolutions.

12.07.12. Red zone, Bexley Rd cleared of liquefaction mud, houses abandoned

12.07.12. Red zone, abandoned house, Bexley Rd

12.07.12. Red zone, house demolition site, Bexley Rd

Waitaki St: In similar ruined state as Bexley Rd, new demolition sites too. Window & door glass was broken by vandals on both roads.

12.07.12. Yellow, hard-hatted & orange, Hi Vis vested inspectors, checking red zone, abandoned housing, Bexley Rd

13 images, Waitaki St:

12.07.12. Red zone, Bexley Rd / Waitaki St junction

12.07.12. Red zone, yellow, Super Silent pump, Waitaki St


12.07.12. Red zone, abandoned house, Waitaki St


Mitcham Pl: I stopped to watch a demolisher bouncing his yellow digger on a rubble pile while he demolished a house.

6 images, Mitcham Pl:

12.07.12. Red zone, house demolition, Mitcham Pl

11 images, Waitaki St:

12.07.12. Red zone, abandoned house, Waitaki St

12.07.12. Red zone, house demolition site, Waitaki St

12.07.12. Red zone flooding, cnr Waitaki St / Waikare Ln

12.07.12. Red zone, abandoned house, Waitaki St

22 images, Pages Rd:

12.07.12. Red zone, house demolition site, Pages Rd

Pages Rd: Still liquefactioned, rutted, flooded & in a poor state of repair, due to SCIRT slackness. More house demolition sites. All businesses & shops by Pages Rd Bridge were closed. There were many quake & vandal broken windows & doors. Glass everywhere. I stopped to snap pics of abandoned ASIAN 4 KIWIS restaurant. Its glass door was broken open & rubbish was strewn on the floor.

12.07.12. Red zone, abandoned house with broken window, Pages Rd

12.07.12. Red zone, Jasper Lee with broken windows, Pages Rd. Jasper Lee was demolished

12.07.12. Red zone, Pages Rd Bridge going east

12.07.12. Mad Dog Pizza with broken windows, Pages Rd. Mad Dog Pizza was demolished

12.07.12. Red zone, abandoned, Asian 4 Kiwis restaurant, Pages Rd. Asian 4 Kiwis was demolished

 12.07.12. Quake crack between car park & abandoned, Asian 4 Kiwis restaurant, Pages Rd

*Wandered Pages Rd, Bexley Rd, Waitaki St, Mitcham Pl.

While houses were demolished by CERA & rents were rocketing, indigents were sleeping on New Brighton beach dunes in sub zero temperatures. Yet CERA minister Brownlee, PM Key & housing minister Heatley said there was no housing crisis in post quake Christchurch.

Meanwhile at the Royal Commission of Inquiry, structural engineers couldn't agree why the CTV bldg collapsed in a heap of broken glass & concrete, killing 115 people in the 22.02.11 quake.

Engineer Rob Jury reckoned it was weak concrete columns, which needed confinement steel reinforcement. Californian engineer William Holmes disagreed saying it was the joints between concrete columns & concrete beams which caused CTV bldg collapse. (The Press 12.07.12).


The Press 13.07.12. More squabbling engineers, mystified why the CTV bldg collapsed:

CTV bldg, design engineer, Alan Reay blamed cumulative effects of quakes for CTV bldg collapse. Reay knocked the DBH report on CTV bldg collapse.

Reay's lawyer, Hugh Rennie passed the buck to design engineer, David Harding, as Harding worked 300 hours on CTV bldg design, versus Reay's 3.5 hours. Rennie also knocked the DBH report.

Engineer, Nigel Priestley blamed the non central, side shear wall for CTV bldg collapse, like the non central, side shear wall causing Hotel Grand Chancellor to quake fail.

So far, engineers didn't know what caused CTV bldg collapse. Yeah right!


Jan 2014. Most Bexley, red zone houses along Waitaki St, Mitcham Pl & Bexley Rd to Jack Hinton VC Reserve had been demolished by CERA. All that was left was a few abandoned houses & weedy demolition sites with a devastation view to Avon River stop bank. Red zone, Pages Rd shops by Pages Rd Bridge had all been demolished by CERA.

Dec 2017. After an investigation, NZ cops said there would be no prosecution of engineers Reay & Harding, responsible for the CTV collapse. Cops chickened out, saying there wasn't enough evidence to prosecute. Shame on gutless, NZ cops. No one accountable huh? So much for NZ justice!

Content & pics Copyright Mark JS Esslemont.

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