Thursday, May 26, 2011

Soleares Ave, House Demolition, Christchurch Quake

21.05.11. Three months post 22.02.11, magnitude 6.3 quake, I wandered a bit of Mt Pleasant suburb, Port Hills. At the bottom of Soleares Ave a small group witnessed a house demolition. A house on the hill above displayed a NZ flag on the balcony.

Nearby were 8 quake damaged houses above a collapsed road cutting. All across the valley from Soleares Ave to Mt Pleasant Rd, quake damaged, boarded, part repaired houses could be seen.

24 images, Soleares Ave:

21.05.11. Feb 22 quake, yellow digger demolishes a house, Soleares Ave, Mt Pleasant

21.05.11. Feb 22 quake, NZ flag on a house balcony, above a Soleares Ave house demolition

21.05.11. Feb 22 quake, relocation junk & Council rubbish bins, Soleares Ave

At the end of the demolition site stood 3 Council rubbish bins & demolition junk, like wooden drawers, cabinets, metal... Since the quakes I'd seen tons of roadside, demolition junk on pavements, after homeowners & business owners had abandoned their properties & fled. Apocalypse was signified by all the junk, demolition rubble, roadside rubble, household & business possessions abandoned on properties & roadsides.

21.05.11. Feb 22 quake, Mt Pleasant Rd view of house demolition, Soleares Ave

* Wandered Soleares Ave.

Content & pics Copyright Mark JS Esslemont.

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