Monday, May 2, 2011

Poplar Fell, Christchurch Quake

On my Christchurch Avon River walk, 28.04.11, couple of days before the end of the National State of Emergency, following the 22.02.11, magnitude 6.3 quake, I watched a poplar tree felled by sewage polluted Avon River bank, River Rd, near Swanns Rd Bridge.

Feller men & machines incl: workmen wearing orange or red, Hi Vis vests, red haul truck, red chipper truck, red chipper machine, red mechanical grab, yellow crane.

31 images, quake damaged River Rd:

28.04.11. Avonside Dr view of tree feller machines & crane, Avon River bank, River Rd, national state of emergency

In the morning, when I wandered along Avonside Dr by quake damaged Avonside Girls High, I saw workmen & their machines on the opposite river bank. I stood on Swanns Rd Bridge & watched workmen having tea & feeding bread to ducks.

No trees on River Rd bank looked dangerous to me. As it was over 2 months since the 22.02.11 quake & nearly 8 months since the 04.09.10 quake, I doubted those trees were any danger to the public or nearby housing.

28.04.11. Swanns Rd Bridge view of Avon River & tree feller machines & crane, River Rd, national state of emergency

The snag with a state of emergency, controlled by military Civil Defence, was that destroyers, like tree fellers & demolishers, oozed from liquefaction mud, rubbing their paws in glee, drooling for big bucks for destroying what others had built & nurtured for years - buildings & mature trees.

28.04.11. Feb 22 quake tilted power poles & tree feller crane, River Rd, national state of emergency

A week post Feb 22 quake I'd seen only one dangerous oak tree, felled by a nor'wester, which had crushed a shipping container in Hagley Park. It was an excuse for destroyers to fell nearby oaks in Hagley Park. Public safety of course, as the planned Ellerslie Flower Show was cancelled due to the quake & a marquee was already partially erected. One couldn't have mighty oaks crashing down on grieving hordes during the forthcoming memorial service.

28.04.11. Swanns Rd Bridge view of poplar tree fell & crane, national state of emergency

Since the national state of emergency was over (lifted 01.05.11) with more citizens' scrutiny, destroyers wouldn't make such easy bucks again. (That was wishful thinking, as costs of demolitions & rubble trucking by demolishers & CERA were exorbitant).

28.04.11. Red, Hi Vis vested, tree feller up a poplar tree, by a yellow crane, River Rd, national state of emergency

At the end of my Avon River walk, I coolpixed the poplar tree fell on Avon River bank, River Road. A workman was up the poplar tree, sawing & slinging branches, other workmen either supervised, or sawed logs, or operated the crane, or mechanical grab, or chipper machine.

On my Avon River walk, I'd seen several red, danger-taped, oak trees on both riverbanks. The mature oaks looked OK to me. Never mind their roots were riverbank binders.

28.04.11. Avonside Dr view of poplar tree fell, Avon River, River Rd, national state of emergency

* Wandered Avonside Dr.

Content & pics Copyright Mark JS Esslemont.

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